How To Bet On Football And Win

How To Bet On Football And Win – Strategy For Success

So you want to learn how to bet on football and win, you came to the right website we are gonna give you some great pointers on how to do it.

Football is one of the hardest sports to make a profit long term, especially in the UK.

Learn The Basics

The most important step is to learn the basics of football betting this includes learning all the football betting terminology and understanding what they mean and then understanding the different football betting markets on how they work too.

Once you have a good understanding of these you are in a much better position to start making informed bets and use the right bet types to maximise your chances of a profit.

Don’t Bet On Leagues Or Matches You Know Nothing About…

Something that may sound simple but many punters bet on football leagues and matches they have no clue about, unless you formerly lived in Brazil or have a serious interest in South American Football, why are you betting on Brazilian Football?

Do not be ton something you know nothing about, you want to eliminate as much of the luck aspect of your betting as possible.

Study The Form

Nothing matters more than form when it comes to your most useful tool in betting, although form can change in an instant often there are trends that you can follow in order to profit.

For example, why would you bet on a team to win a match if they have lost their last 5 and not scored a single goal in those matches, you wouldn’t unless you are betting just for the sake of it.

There are many things to look at form wise in Football, the ones I would consider very important to check are…

  • Recent form
  • Past meetings between the 2 sides
  • Injuries
  • Lineups
  • Home or away form
  • Number of goals scored and conceded for each team

You can really go into a lot of detail and honestly the more form you study the stronger your bets will get.

Choose Leagues You Know A Lot About

Let’s say that you are an Arsenal fan and you want to learn how to bet on football and win, you obviously will know a lot about the Premier League and this is the league you should focus on.

The leagues you have the most knowledge on will pay dividends in the long run, not random worldwise leagues.

Control Your Emotions And Bet With Your Head

Exactly what the title above says, never bet with your heart or basically don’t back the team you support every week because you want them to win.

You should only be backing teams that you have researched, studied, and found markets with value where you can get the best chance of a win.

Take as much hope and luck out of your betting as you possibly can.

Preparation Is Key

The main thing that you should know if you want to learn how to be ton football and win is that preparation is key.

Give yourself the right amount of time to do your research, prepare your bets and place them at the right times in order to get the best possible odds and maximise your payouts.

The X-Factor

Sometimes there will be let’s say an x-factor in football betting where for example two teams have a rivalry that goes back for many years such as Man City and Man United or Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday.

Things like this certainly affect the outcome of these types of matches or other things such as travel distance for one side to a match or their star player is in all the headlines and it’s for something bad.

I would try to eliminate as much of the X-factor in betting as possible as it can cause random results that are often unpredictable.

Don’t Bet Based On Bookmaker Odds

Many people simply back all the favourites when placing their bets and don’t understand that Bookmakers use odds in order to influence your betting.

The main objective of bookmakers is to make money so should you really trust these guys on the odds they are giving on the outcome of a football match, no is the answer use your head.

There are many markets and angles that if you research you will see things that are profitable to bet on in the long term.

Don’t stay loyal to one bookmaker

Never stay loyal to just one bookmaker, as you may already know different bookies offer different odds on all markets as well as different promotions which can offer extra value too.

You want to get as much value as possible and staying loyal to just one is not doing you any favours.

Use Odds Comparison Sites

Odds comparison sites such as Oddschecker for example, enable you to see which bookmakers are offering the best price on any particular bet you are considering placing.

The difference between 6/4 and 2/1 may not be a lot but if you keep backing winners it’s extra profit that you could have been asking to cover any losers.

This will save you a hell of a lot of time instead of searching through each and every bookmaker’s site for the odds and writing them down you can check them all in seconds.

Play The Long Game

Nobody makes money betting in the short term, if your bet loses don’t be disheartened stick to your plan, do your research, and find angles and in the long term it should pay.

Football Tipsters

Put aside money that you can afford to lose as a betting bank and maybe consider the use of football tipsters if you are too lazy to study the form.

We have taken a look at hundreds of Football Tipsters on this website and you will find some highly profitable tipsters in the football section.


Only a small amount of punters can actually do all of these things and more in order to succeed t profiting from betting on football.

The sad thing is that often bookmakers will close punters that they deem “not profitable” if they keep winning.

There are no guarantees that you are going to be able to profit in the long term from football betting but give yourself the best possible start, prepare, learn and conquer.

Good Luck

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