How to Become a Successful Betting Tipster

How to Become a Successful Betting Tipster

Just what steps can you take to be able to successfully predict the results of sporting events? It’s something that takes a fair bit of time to achieve but it can be done.

The key word that is going to be mentioned in this article is ‘research.’ Without it, then gambling is a bit like being a trapeze artist that doesn’t have a safety net below them.

Carrying out research is even more important in this day and age. Gamblers can now place bets on events that take place all around the world. You may well know a great deal about the English Premier League but how good is your knowledge of other competitions in other countries?

Take for example, a match that is being played between AEK Athens and Olympiacos in the Greek Super League. Odds will be available for this match at online sportsbooks but your knowledge of Greek football isn’t particularly high.

The way forward is to carry out research. It won’t take you long to go online and find sites that are packed with statistics that can help you pick winners. You can access the current Greek Super League tables and a form guide. It’s also important to look at the home and away records of teams.

Betting on sport these days sees players being given plenty of markets to place wagers on. In football, you can bet on the number of goals in a game, how many cards will be awarded by the referee or whether both teams will score or not. There are plenty more on offer and again you need to carry out research to give yourself a good chance of winning. Success cannot of course be guaranteed. In sport upsets do happen and always will.

Other sports also have lots of markets to bet on. Handicap betting is popular in sports such as rugby union and basketball where teams can win by wide margins. The use of a handicap, say for example, the favourites to win by 20 points means better odds can be offered. It’s back to the research and you need to see how well or otherwise each side has been playing and how large wins or defeats have been.

Look for evidence that backs up your prediction. If you believe a game is going to have over 2.5 goals scored in it, look for facts that show that is likely to be happening. Teams that have been involved in low-scoring games should be ruled out.

You can see therefore that research is vital if wanting to become a successful tipster. It is also important that if you do have a poor run of results (it happens to even the best tipsters) that you don’t chase your losses. A poor situation can soon become a very bad one if the losses continue.

On the other side of the coin, if you can get into a good profit situation, don’t think it’ll last forever. There is nothing more frustrating than being £20 up and then end the day losing money. Setting budgets is also a good idea, sticking to the amount set is even better.

The gambling industry is a highly competitive one and that’s why sites offer free bets and other bonuses. It is important that when you receive a free bet that you take a long look at its terms and conditions. Join a licensed and regulated site as they will offer better terms and conditions than those that aren’t. They don’t have a licence that could be lost if infringing the rules.

These free bets often include terms and conditions that include the minimum odds for selections, how long they are valid and whether or not the free bet stake is returned with any winnings.

If you do receive a free bet, don’t just use it on the first event you see that meets the conditions. Make sure that you carry out that research and do your best to ensure the free bet produces a winner.

A free bet may not put your account balance at risk but if it doesn’t produce a return, it has no value at all. Keep an eye on its expiry date, letting it expire without being used is again not something you want to be doing.

You can see therefore that work is needed to become an expert tipster. Make sure you know what form a side is in and if they have any injury problems. Arm yourself with facts, bet responsibly and the wins may well be coming along on a regular basis. Build up your experience and then you might even end up becoming a professional sports tipster.

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