Avoid Being Restricted By Bookmakers

How To Avoid Being Restricted By Bookmakers

If you want to avoid being restricted by Bookmakers there are some things you will need to do.

There is nothing worse than being banned or limited especially when winning is the hardest thing to do.

Here are our top tips to avoid being restricted by bookmakers in the UK.

Round your stake as best you can to the nearest five

So instead of betting £237 at a single bookmaker, bet £235 or £240. Or even better £200 or £250.

Betting with odd amounts or full amounts flags up to a bookmaker instantly. Try not to use the same stake amount over and over too, especially if you are winning.

Consider your betting pattern and avoid being restricted early

Bookies don’t like smart punters, so throw in the odd “mug punter” bet like a ten-team football acca. Avoid for example betting £10 level stakes on horse racing especially if you turn a profit.

You have to think to yourself if I was looking at someone else placing these kinds of bets would I be suspicious?

Make sure your first deposit is very small

A large first deposit will flag you up straight away, you want a first deposit that’s only enough for a few bets to start with and gradually top it up.

Depositing £5000 into your account as soon as you open it is just far too obvious.

Don’t just use one bookmaker account

Using one bookie will make a pattern far easier to spot, mixing up your bets in different accounts makes it far harder to spot the typical patterns bookies look for when limiting players.

There are plenty of bookmakers out there to use so why reveal all of your betting to one account, having multiple will help you hide how unprofitable you are to the bookies.

Don’t use the same details with all your Bookie Accounts

Bookmakers have sophisticated software now for responsible gambling purposes, this also enables them to find what accounts you have elsewhere.

Don’t make it easier for them by using the same username and email address for every account you open.

Use Betfair Exchange

As Betfair Exchange is run by its users providing odds and placing bets, you are never going to be limited.

When you bet on an event whatever odds you get are provided by another user taking on that liability for the bet.

Meaning that users provide all of the liquidity for the betting markets.

Play it Cool

Should you have had a good win streak at one of your accounts, consider not using that account for a while and switching to one of your others.

Place a few muggy or exotic bets that have next to no chance of winning to take the heat off the winning account too (at much smaller stakes).

Avoid Betting On Lower League Foreign Football Or Sports

Betting high stakes on a foreign league in a low division is always going to raise eyebrows, and if you win it’s 100% going to flag your account to at least be monitored more closely.

Dont Brag On Social Media

Posting winning bets or advising others to place high bets on matches or evens you’re placing bets on will only draw more unwanted attention to your accounts.

Possibly just a conspiracy but I have read that bookmaker shave teams that scour social media looking for users that do this.

Consider Your Betting Stakes

Most punters place bets from £25 up to £250 betting with higher sums especially if you do it straight away after opening your account is going to flag you up straight away.

The more liability a bookmaker is taking on the more likely it is going to be reviewed.

If your account does get limited…keep using it!

You may think it’s pointless but your account may not remain limited if it’s making a loss, why not use this account for fun bets or low-stakes on less likely things like football accas or Lucky 15 bets?

What’s more sometimes accounts are limited don certain sports, you may not be able to stake high amounts on one event but on other sporting events, you may well be able to it’s worth checking.

Remain Calm

Anyone can be limited at any time, it’s a learning curve especially if you are a successful punter, there are ways to avoid limits but you can’t always avoid it in the long run.


So, to avoid being restricted by bookmakers altogether you should use Betfair Exchange or BetDAQ.

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