Premier League Became a Bettor’s Paradise

How the Premier League Became a Bettor’s Paradise

It’s safe to say that football betting is flourishing and experiencing an absolute rise. The opportunities to place intricate wagers are readily available. As such, an increasing number of fans have extremely easy access to placing bets on competitive football leagues. The factors behind this trend are just as easy to comprehend and reflect multiple global trends.

Technological advancement has allowed many football fans from all economic backgrounds to have access to the internet and efficient, smart devices. With increased competition in the sportsbook scene, bettors have the chance to experience the act of wagering on all kinds of football events.

The rise of this market is outright impressive, as the total value was around 8.27 billion USD back in 2019, according to Grand View Research. Moreover, the expected annual growth between 2020 and 2027 is at a staggering 11.2%. With such a meteoric rise, the influx of new bettors is more than predictable.

If you’re new to this phenomenon, this article will give you some football betting tips in the form of a ranking. This top will unveil the best-to-bet-on top leagues, from easiest to hardest!

How To Choose the Leagues – The Best Criteria

This ranking includes the most popular club football leagues, as they provide the most resources. We mean that these leagues, Europe’s top 5, enjoy universal media coverage for both broadcasting and social media engagement. As such, you can interact with them in the easiest way.

We believe that these leagues are the best football leagues to bet on, especially for beginners. Many sportsbook operators try to provide the most competitive odds on the market. If you want to be able to discern which platform to choose from, you can even rely on an odds comparison site and rely on its professional help!

The order of this hierarchy is based on competitiveness but also on the large number of competitors and the matches between them. Allow us to unveil them and see which will provide you with the best options!

A Hierarchy of Leagues – From Predictable to Unpredictable

French Ligue 1

Let’s begin with the one that we consider the easiest and speak about French Ligue 1 betting. This league’s betting scene places the lowest in our pecking order because of the looming presence of Paris Saint Germain. The Qatari-owned Parisian giant is one of football’s biggest spenders and has won 10 of the last 12 Ligue 1 titles.

It takes a wonder season for a competitor to be able to take the title from PSG. And, given that the other big French teams, like Olympique Marseille, Olympique Lyon, AS Monaco, and Lille, are nowhere near as wealthy as PSG, the chances for other champions are slim.

The saving grace for this league is the revolving door of teams going in and out of Ligue 1, not to mention the completion of the league’s top 6.

German Bundesliga

Germany’s Bundesliga has been a Bayern Munich affair for quite some time. The Bavarian club’s domination is a storied aspect of world football. Bayern has won 21 titles in the last 30 years, with the 2010s being the apogee of this domination. The club reigns supreme due to its financial capabilities, especially thanks to its fantastic economic stewardship.

German Bundesliga

What differentiates German Bundesliga betting from its French counterpart is the quality of competition. Bayern has won closely disputed titles in the recent past but has also experienced dethronement from exceptional teams put together by clubs like Borussia Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen.

The German league has plenty of good teams that do excellent business and could challenge the Bavarian giant quite valiantly.

Spanish La Liga

The main reason why Spanish La Liga betting is higher in this pecking order is because the league has 3 major clubs that fight for the crown. While in the former examples, you’d need to have exceptional teams in order to see a strong title challenge, Spain’s top flight has interchanging options.

The clear-cut favourite these days is Real Madrid, especially thanks to its big-game acumen and its all-world roster of players. However, FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid have managed to stay in the mix over the last few decades.

All these teams always have expectations of challenging for the title, making the competition more acerbic. A more competitive league means more favourable odds!

English Premier League

While the English Premier League betting scene has become easier to predict thanks to Manchester City’s capacity to mount a complete campaign, the flurry of giants still makes the league as competitive as ever.

English Premier League

Liverpool and Arsenal are ready to take advantage of any lack of form. Chelsea and Manchester United are still finding their footing after transitional periods that necessitate adjustments. The huge amount of money involved and the value of these teams make the Premier Leagues among the most exciting betting opportunities.

Italian Serie A

In our opinion, Italian Serie A betting is the most unpredictable these days and provides the most interesting fight for the title. The domination of Juventus appears to be just a fun memory to the bianconeri fans. However, the Juventines are still in the midst of the fight for the title as the club tries to find its identity.

The Milanese clubs, AC Milan and Inter are very competitive both nationally and internationally and can put together a proper title scrap. Napoli is still a solid team that has managed to win a much sought-after title after decades. Put in some wildcard teams like Roma, Lazio, and even Atalanta, and you have a very competitive scene of betting chances!


Now that we’ve touched upon our rankings of the best teams to bet on, you should have a clear idea. Apart from our reasoning, we should also mention that we fully encourage you to gamble responsibly as you start betting!

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