Horse Racing vs Sports Betting

Horse Racing vs Sports Betting: What to Choose

Horse Racing vs Sports Betting, which is the better sport for betting?

Both horse racing betting and sports betting have been around for many centuries and people still love these entertainment forms. The popularity of these two industries keeps growing as the number of sports and horse racing fans grows.

Additionally, mobile phones and the internet helped these two sports betting markets to become more popular and accessible. Now all your favourite sports and horse racing events are available at your fingertips anytime from anywhere.

There is a misconception about pitching those two markets against each other and trying to find what’s the best to follow. In fact, horse racing betting is part of sports betting. So they are not against each other but go hand in hand.

Before everything else, we need to understand why people like horse racing and other sports betting.

Here’re some reasons behind the popularity of both.

Horse Racing Betting

This is a graceful and elegant sport that gathers millions of spectators globally all year round. So it’s not surprising that so many people choose to bet on horses. So let’s have a look at some of the factors that attract fans. 


Nothing is more satisfying for a fan than watching his horse race to victory. So many fans add up to the excitement by placing bets on their favoured horses. Watching races is a fun, exciting event that gives the watchers a rush of adrenalin.

People also love watching this beautiful sport with interesting histories, traditions, and cultures.

Suspenseful Entertainment

No need to mention the fast and unpredictable nature of this sport that attracts the majority of fans. Following a real race will keep anyone on the edge of their seats. Even though fans like to analyse and predict the outcome, you never know how the horse will act at the last minute.

Many Betting Options

Horse racing offers different and unique betting markets for all kinds of bettors:

Win Bet: Bettors simply choose a horse that may win.

Place Bet: Bettors predict which two horses will finish the line the first or the second.

Show Bet: Bettors here choose the top three horses that may finish the line the first.

Exacta: As you can guess from the name, bettors exactly guess which horse will be the first or the second.

Trifecta: This market follows the same logic as Exacta but refers to the top three finishers.

Horse Racing Betting Insights

In horse racing betting you will encounter pari-mutuel betting which basically means you bet against other bettors, not the house. All the wagered money is collected in a ‘pool’ and it determines how much the bettors will get in case of success. Also, odds are based on the predictions of the bettors. So if many people bet on the same horse and it wins the payout for this horse will be low.

Additionally, in horse racing, you bet on animals and not people. Horses may get injuries or feel scared before the run. That’s why many people analyse past performance and favourable conditions for the horse before placing high hopes on it.

Betting on Other Sports

Undoubtedly, there are more sports fans globally. No matter what sport you like. From the most popular sports like football and tennis to the least popular ones like golf and hockey, you can choose what you like.

And there are many reasons why millions of people bet on sports.

Wide Variety of Events

Even the pickiest bettors will find something in sports betting. There are hundreds of events such as EPL, NBA, Grand Slams etc. The internet contributed to the popularity of online sportsbooks and makes them accessible to everyone. You can even choose your favourite sport and bet on it using your mobile phone.

Added Entertainment Value

Different sports fans not only follow the games and matches but also add to the entertainment by betting. If you bet on the game you watch it with more eagerness and anticipation. We should also say that sports betting is comparably cheap entertainment. You can bet as little as you want and still join the hype.

Easy to Start 

Betting on sports is easier than it seems. There are hundreds of guides out there helping fans make their first steps in betting. If you already love the sport and have knowledge about it you’re halfway through. Reading and understanding odds is not difficult.


People also like testing their knowledge in sports. And the satisfaction that your guess was correct and your favourite team wins is a good explanation of why many like sports betting.

Sports Betting Insights

Both in horse racing and sports betting, bettors go through almost the same process. They do research and find information about previous performances. The factor that you bet on people, not animals also plays its role.

In sports betting the bettors need to consider other factors as well. For example,  statistics about the team or the player, the physical form of the athletes, and even the weather.

Now that you have some idea of both horse racing and other sports betting you can make a decision. Of course, eventually choosing what to bet on boils down to personal preference. Never forget to draw the line between loving sports and getting swept away by betting. Always keep in mind to set time and budget limits and follow safer gambling tools.

18+. Please gamble responsibly.



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