Horse Network Tipster Review

Horse Network Tipster Review

Horse Network Tipster Review
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Horse Network Tipster is a horse racing tips service from Betting Gods that has shown very good profitability over the years.


Good Profit 15-Day Trial 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


May give too many tips each day for some with lower bankrolls

Welcome to my Horse Network Tipster Review, this is another profitable horse racing tipster on the Betting Gods tipster network.

Having delivered over £239 per month profit on average since May 2018, and a total bank growth of over 300%, I thought it might be wise to add this service to the winning tipsters.

How to join Horse Network Tipster: Betting Gods Page Here

Tipster Name: Horse Network Tipster


Platform: Betting Gods – Website/Email/App

Service Headline: “Harry shares an average of 185 tips per month, on the evening before racing, with average odds of 18.06. It’s this horse racing strategy that is netting an average monthly profit of £239.39 from British & Irish racing for Harry and members just like you.”

Service Cost: £1.99 for a 15 day trial and then £27  a month

Profitable: Yes

Tipping Style: Aggressive

ROI: Consistently at about 10.5% or above

Where To Join: Betting Gods Page Here

Is Betting Gods Horse Network Tipster Profitable?

As I mentioned earlier this tipster has delivered an average profit of over £200 per month since May 2018, that’s two years of profiting from horse racing bets.

horse network tipster
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Though this service is a bit more aggressive than other betting gods’ horse racing tipsters, it has still had some explosive results and the membership price is cheaper than normal at just £27 a month.

This being said I would definitely not put anyone off taking the 15-day trial which is also backed up by their 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

I will be live trialing this tipster in the near future so expect full results to be posted here too soon.

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Other services like this one from betting gods include US Racing Expert and Bookies Enemy. Thanks for reading my Horse Network Tipster review.

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