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Grand National 2021 & How We Can Improve Our Betting Strategies

Grand National 2021 Betting Recap

Every year, punters target the Grand National in the hope of successfully backing a winner with longer odds than they would normally find in the daily schedule of races. Back in 2013, bookies like 888 Casino were forced to payout on odds of 66-1 to the punters who won from backing the Irish-bred Auroras Encore at Aintree.

In the 2021 Grand National, there wasn’t quite the same underdog scenario. Nevertheless, Minella Times delivered a healthy return of 11-1 when ridden to victory by Irish jockey Rachael Blackmore, who became the first female jockey to win the Grand National. Since the inauguration of the event in 1893, it has taken 182 years for a woman to win, that’s highlighting the significance of the achievement.

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On 888 and the other leading sports betting platforms, Cloth Cap had entered the Grand National as an 11/2 favourite. And all seemed promising for the nine-year-old, who was to be ridden by Tom Scudamore, the son of legendary jockey Peter Scudamore. However, any veteran punter of the race will tell you that the favourite horse seldom wins. Yet again, this proved to be the case as Cloth Cap pulled up at the 28th fence.

Of course, anyone who backed Burrows Saint or Any Second Now will have fared better, had they placed an each-way bet. The nine-year-old Any Second Now entered as the second favourite on odds of 7/1, having been trained by Ted Walsh for son Mark. Ultimately, Any Second Now was able to finish in third and at least provide a modest return for the each-way backers.

Across many of the best online sportsbooks, Burrows Saint had been priced as the third favourite at 8/1. Family connections are key in horse racing, and this again proved the case with Willie Mullins training the eight-year-old Burrows Saint for son Patrick. Despite coming up short, the Mullins pair registered a fourth-place finish.

After Rachael Blackmore became the first female jockey to win the Grand National, the next best story from the day has to be the triumphant finish of runner-up Balko des Flos at 100/1. At 10 years old, Balko des Flos was on the older side of the entrants. Nevertheless, trainer Henry de Bromhead and jockey Aidan Coleman were able to propel the ageing gelding to an incredible finish and reward all of the each-way backers in the process.

Grand National Betting Tips for Newbies

In the UK alone, the Grand National has the potential to generate viewing figures of close to 10 million people. Every year, the event attracts thousands of bettors who would kindly be described as casual punters. For anyone new to Grand National wagering, there are several fundamental horse racing betting tips that can be integrated into your overall strategy to maximise the potential for winnings. Just below, you can see the most helpful options:

  • Start small – If you’re completely new to the Grand National, then it makes sense to begin with a smaller stake. For example, you could stick £10 each way. This way, you can still receive a reasonable payout even if your horse only manages to place and doesn’t win;
  • Claim competitive bonus offers – With the help of sites like Top 10 Casinos, you can find the casino betting bonus offers from 888 and other top operators. By using a special offer for the event, you can stretch the size of your budget for the chance to receive larger winnings. And there won’t be a shortage of options, given that this is one of the biggest events in the world of horse racing. Just remember to keep an eye on any wagering requirements or caps on winnings;
  • Read about the horses – You can start with the top 10 favourites by odds and then work your way down the list. In the Grand National, it’s quite common for the winning horses to be aged eight or nine. As such, you should be wary of horses that are aged younger or older than that threshold. Of course, there’s always an exception to the rule, as proven by the second-place finish of Balko des Flos at 100/1 in 2021. Still, though Balko des Flos didn’t actually win;
  • Monitor the form – Leading up to the race, you should be monitoring a shortlist of perhaps a dozen options. By tracking the form, you can determine which entrant is currently running well. Furthermore, you should also keep track of any injuries or niggles. Maybe a past issue could resurface in more difficult conditions;
  • Become a specialist – Rather than bet on every race under the sun, you could instead choose to specialise in steeplechases, given that this is the format of the Grand National. By focusing on steeplechases, you can become even better acquainted with the next field of entrants;
  • Diversify your bets – If you have a larger budget, then it can be wise to spread this across a couple of strong contenders. There are rich odds for winning the Grand National and you might just back the triumphant runner if you back three odds instead of only one. And 2001 is a prime example for anyone who believed in the likes of Minella Times, Any Second Now, or Burrows Saint. Quite often, spreading the risk can be a successful strategy – however, there are no guarantees, of course. But, it’s all about fun as psychology of gambling says.

Aside from the Grand national, many other incredible meetings are hosted throughout the season. Of course, if you want to get the inside track on the upcoming races, then make sure to check out these free betting tips. You can find numerous tipsters who are willing to share their expertise for free. You can even use their information as a reference point to better inform your decision-making.