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Free Tipster Trials Information

I have been providing free tipster trials to my newsletter subscribers for a number of years now, but if you don’t know what they are and how to get access let me break it down for you.

What are the free tipster trials?

I join a premium tipster service at cost to me this cost can vary from £1 up to £40 or more for a months membership for me.

I then send the premium selections to my newsletter subs in real time or “live” so that they can see whether the tipster in question is real and worth paying for or not.

This saves you the money of joining for yourself so I have saved some of my subs a lot of money in the long run.

Do you have to pay for access to the live tipster trials?

No I am the only one paying to join tipsters so that you don’t have to.

What types of sports are covered in the trials?

Usually the most popular sports such as Horse Racing and Football but I have covered Basketball and Tennis tipsters in the past too.

What happens when a tipster trial proofing ends?

I actually update the results so far as the trial goes on and I have now begun adding the tipsters that pass the trials on to the website.

Full results are provided on how each tipster performed during the proofing trials and it gives you a much better idea of they are worth investing into.

When are the free tips emailed out?

The free tips are emailed out usually every morning when there is a trial on but sometimes depending on when the tipsters adds selections this can be later in the day.

What’s the best tipster that featured in the live trials?

This can be found on the website and in the daily emails for each live trial along with how the tipster performed how many winners and losers and how much profit was made.

Can I put my service forward for a live trial?

Of course, simply drop me an email if you want to be trialled in real-time to my email subscribers and I will schedule you in.

How do I get access to the live trials and free tips daily?

To get access simply subscribe for free to my newsletter you can do this with the sign up box at the top of the page, you will then be sent free tips and live trials to your email inbox.

Recent tipsters that passed proofing

Penal07 Selections advised:9 Won:6 Lost:3 Staked:£61 Returned:£172.44 Profit/Loss:+£111.44

Visit this tipster

Talo Bets Selections: 14 Winners: 7 Losers: 5 Non-Runners: 2 Staked: £170 Returned: £751.90 Profit/Loss:+£581.90

Visit this tipster

Football Unlocked Selections: 16 Winners: 11 Losers: 4 Void: 1 Staked: £120 Returned: £146.93 Profit/Loss:+£26.93

Visit this tipster