Free Grand National Tips

Free Grand National Tips And Preview 2023

Welcome to the 2023 Grand National preview, we have some free grand national tips for you too including two lively outsiders!

We will also tell you how to find a potential Grand National winner using historical data and results.

The free Grand National tips that we have chosen incorporate this data and cover three different going types for the race this year.

Unlocking the Secrets to Winning the Grand National

The Grand National, a race steeped in history and teeming with atmosphere, has captivated the nation for generations. With its grueling course and formidable fences that have brought many a seasoned horse to its knees, predicting the winner has always been a challenge. Yet, for those willing to take a gamble, there are ways to tip the odds in your favor by delving into the annals of racing lore.

The Weighty Matter of Success

The Grand National is a handicap race, meaning that the weight carried by each horse is assigned according to its rating. This makes weight a crucial factor in this arduous contest, where the results over the years have revealed the monumental task of carrying the top weight of 12 stone to victory. In fact, only the legendary Red Rum has managed this Herculean feat since 1936, a testament to the enormity of the challenge.

Delving into the annals of racing history, it becomes apparent that the majority of Grand National winners have carried 11 stone or less. Thus, keeping a keen eye on the weights can serve as a valuable tool in whittling down your selection of potential winners, leaving you with a more refined and discerning choice.

Age: A Race Against Time

The Grand National is a race that demands immense stamina, pushing horses to their physical limits. Most horses do not possess the required endurance until they reach the ripe age of 9, while their strength begins to wane as they approach 12. Consequently, the sweet spot for potential winners falls within the age range of 9 to 12, with horses in this bracket often claiming victory.

History has shown that only one 13-year-old horse has ever clinched the coveted title, further attesting to the significance of age in this unforgiving race. Thus, picking a horse that falls within this optimal age range can greatly enhance your chances of success.

Unveiling the Track Record

While the Grand National has a reputation for producing surprise winners, a closer look reveals that these occurrences are rare. In fact, most triumphant horses have enjoyed illustrious careers before tackling the challenge of Aintree. Almost without exception, previous winners have claimed victory in a Group 1 race, amassed substantial prize money, and conquered a race of 3 miles or longer.

Therefore, a discerning bettor should carefully scrutinize the track record of each horse before making their selection, discarding those that do not meet these stringent criteria.

The Going: Nature’s Wild Card

Mother Nature often plays a pivotal role in the outcome of the Grand National, as the condition of the ground can dramatically affect a horse’s performance. Abnormally heavy or firm going can sway the odds in favor of particular types of horses, creating a strategic advantage for those in the know.

In general, heavy going tends to favor horses with unwavering stamina, while firm ground caters to fleet-footed speedsters. Thus, taking into consideration the condition of the ground when making your selection can prove to be a shrewd move.

free grand national tips study the form

Cracking the Code: Making Your Choice

To unlock the secrets to picking the winner of the Grand National, one must employ a systematic approach. Start by excluding any horse carrying more than 11 stone, as history has shown that this weight threshold can be a stumbling block to success. Next, eliminate horses that are either older than 12 or younger than 9, as they are statistically less likely to emerge victorious.

While the race does occasionally produce long-shot winners, they are few and far between. As such, it’s prudent to rule out any horse with odds longer than 33-1, further narrowing down your pool of potential contenders. From the remaining list, carefully assess each

This Years Free Grand National Tips Based On The Above Points

We have found the following horses for you that meet the criteria mentioned above…

We have covered a horse for Soft, Good to Soft, and Good, so hopefully the rains hold off a bit now going into next week (which it is forecast to do so).

You can keep up to date with the Aintree Going on their official website. Should you want to take the advice of a professional horse racing tipster we recommend you check out our Tipster Reviews.

Defi Bleu
Odds: 100/1
Weight: 9-12
Ground Preference: Soft
Rating: 174

Eva’s Oskar
Odds: 66/1
Weight: 10-1
Ground Preference: Good to Soft
Rating: 162

Our Power
Odds: 20/1
Weight: 10-0
Ground Preference: Good
Rating: 153

Covering these 3 should give you a good chance of at least a finisher if not a place or winner, but remember anything can happen in the Grand National and nothing is guaranteed, please do make sure you gamble responsibly.

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