flying horse stars review

Flying Horse Stars Review

Flying Horse Stars Review
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  • Value For Money
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Flying Horse Stars is an each-way horse racing tipster service on the Tipstrr network, it offers at the time of writing profitable each-way bets for horse racing in the UK and Ireland.


Over £8000 profit from 2 years plus tipping horse racing


Can have big losing runs at the advised stakes

Welcome to my Flying Horse Stars review page, this is an each-way horse racing tipster service hosted on the Tipstrr tipping platform.

The service focuses on each-way bets at the stake of £10, so £20 per each-way bet. It has delivered over £8000 profit in its 2 years plus of offering horse racing tips and this averages out at over £300 per month profit.

Service Name: Flying Horse Stars

Membership Fee: £29/month or £75 per 3 months

Where To Join:

What The Tipsters Page says:

“Providing horses racing tips throughout the UK and Ireland Jumps Season.

Our aim is to provide you with the best National Hunt tipping options and constantly increase your profit and betting bank.

You can follow the service as you wish but with strike rate and worst-case scenarios considered, a betting bank of 150 units/points should leave you well covered. The staking plan is one flat unit for each bet, reflected as 10/10 on our tips.”

Is Flying Horse Stars Worth Joining?

Well firstly if you do the maths this tipster service has been running since September 2018, that’s 29 months of tipping yet it still has a total of over £8000 profit.

With over £300 a month on average profit, even when you take the monthly membership fee of £29 per month out you are still going to average £271 per month profit.

Many tipsters can be found out in their first year of tipping but this service has certainly shown its not luck and is fairly consistent too.

recent tipping form for flying horse stars

How Does The Service Work?

Like many Tipstrr profiles, the tipster adds his selections in the morning usually before 10 am, you then place the advised each-way bets for the advised stakes (usually £10 each way).

Not really requiring much of your time at all and very predictable timing of selections, there are also days where there are no selections advised too which is comforting.

You can utilize the Tipstrr app to receive notifications of when selections are added to speed up the process if you’re on the move a lot too.

The advised bank for Flying Horse Stars is 150 units which is £3000, I would recommend sticking to this and not trying to lower it as you may run out of cash too soon before the win comes to boost you back up.

Flying Horse Stars Review Summary

For me, it’s a no-brainer to give this one a try, at the time of writing you can try it for free for 7 days, so you won’t have to risk anything and obviously you are not obligated to place the bets during the trial.

Take the trial option first and see if it suits your lifestyle and your budget.

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