false favourites review

False Favourites Review

Welcome to my False Favourites Review page, this is a horse racing laying service (betting system) offering to make you up to £500 in 6 days from laying favourites.

From a guy called Dave Upson also know as the favourite destroyer apparently online this service offers lays which means you back them to lose.

If you don’t know what a lay is I suggest you find out before you sign up I also recommend you already have a Betfair account in good standing too.

Find out more about False Favourites and how to join here

Service Name: False Favourites

Where To Join: Falsefavourites.com

Headline: “Backing favourites is for mugs”

Service Cost: £12 for one weeks trial or £138 for one years membership

Refund Policy: 60 days money back no questions asked (Via Clickbank)

How Does It Work?

Once you have clicked through to the First Favourite website you will be presented with a box to enter your email address, Ig you really want to join do this and you will then be offered a free 7-day trial.

Remember you are covered by the Clickbank 60 days money back guarantee as the service is hosted there.

Once you are signed up you will need the following.

  • To bet the advised selections to lose (lay them)you need an account with a betting exchange like Betfair or Smarkets.
  • You need to set an amount you are ok with losing on a bet. £25 liability bets in the week I completed would have still made over £250 profit. (Liability is what you have to pay out if the horse does actually win not lose)
  • You need a betting bank, 20 times your liability per lay is ample. So for £25 liability bets a bank of £500. This allows you to place all the bets at the same time on any given day and also keep going if you have a bad day early on. Bare this figure in mind when deciding how much liability you want to risk per race.
  • Not every bet will win (lose), but overall you are looking to win more than you lose. That’s what makes this service very profitable.
  • Not every day will be a profitable one. 1 day we had a loss on the day but it wasn’t a big one and was followed by more winning days.
  • Bets per day range from 1 to 8 per day. It all depends on how much racing there is and how many opportunities there are to profit from short odds favourites.
  •   There is no bet advised some days because the tipster may think the favourites will actually win.
  • Odds change. Especially after you get the email it will depend on how quick you are to get the odds quoted.

Find out more about False Favourites and how to join here

Annual membership is just £138, which could prove very cheap but I suggest the trial option at £12 and remember you can always ask for your money back if it doesn’t go to plan ( you get 60 days money back as standard with Clickbank).

Summary – Is False Favourites worth joining?

Overall I think it’s worth trying out especially when you are covered by a money-back guarantee, £12 is good for a trial and I would say give it a shot and perhaps paper trade it if it doesn’t win you any pretend money request your money back if it does get yourself signed up for the year!

Try False Favourites here for 1 week

Your False Favourite Reviews

Have you used the False favourite laying service? Please leave your own review below for other readers to have a look at, it helps them make an informed choice and can save them money.

False Favourites Review
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False Favourites is a horse racing laying system hosted on Clickbank which means you get a 60-day money-back guarantee as standard. It seems to be a decent service and well put together, you can try the service for 1 week now.


Well made Profitable? Money back guarantee


Could just be another system

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  • Value For Money
  • Profitability
  • Potenital

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