Euro 2024 Predictions

Euro 2024 Predictions, Who Will Win Euro 2024?

With Euro 2024 fast approaching, we thought we would share our Euro 2024 predictions on who will win the groups and who will win the tournament overall.

Starting on Friday, June 14th, 2024, and running until Sunday, July 14th, 2024 the Euro 2024 championships are coming up real soon, we will look at England’s chances and give our opinion on who will win Euro 2024 too.

England’s Chances of Winning Euro 2024

There are cases to be made for and against but the big plus point for our chances this year is Phil Foden is coming into sublime form, Harry Kane has been breaking all the records since his Germany move and Saka has been incredible for Arsenal this year too.

Bellingham is in good form along with Declan Rice but it’s Connor Gallagher who has been in the best form and could also aid England going forward.

Where England tends to slip is defence and this year we do have more defending options than on previous occasions, the standard Maguire, Stones, and Kyle Walker have always been great but have missed that other reliable defender to join them, this year it could be Gomez, Quansah or Braithwaite so plenty of options at the back too.

Considering the amount of firepower we have going forward I do think we can at least make the quarter-finals this season, with the group stage looking a relatively easy affair with only Denmark the real hurdle potentially we should be getting to the last 16.

England is currently the joint favorite to win with France, though I would tend to have France as the favorite personally, I think England can potentially make it to the final, potential teams that could knock us out as always Portugal, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Our Predicted Group Stage Winners

Here is a rundown of the top two from each group that we think will make it to the next stage.

Group A = Germany to win the group and Switzerland to be runner up.
Group B = Spain to win the group and Italy to be runner up.
Group C = England to win the group and Denmark to be runner up.
Group D = France to win the group and Netherlands to be runner up.
Group E = Belgium to win the group and Romania to be runner up as a surprise.
Group F = Portugal to win the group and Turkey to get the runner-up spot.

Teams That Can Go All The Way

As you can see who we think will make it out of the groups, we can now form a picture of teams that can go all the way to the final, teams that will certainly go through to the quarters in our opinion are England, Germany, Spain and France.


They already have the pedigree and they have some fantastic players, some of whom are getting on in age now but the Mbappe factor is real and he could single-handedly propel them to the final.


Long overdue a final and this could be the occasion where the stars are fully aligned we are no longer a one-player team we have a whole squad full of quality on this occasion and they are all in great form coming into the tournament too.


Spain has gone off the boil in recent competitions but they always remain with incredible players and the potential to surprise, and it would be no shock for them to make it to the end.


Since spanking Brazil in the World Cup what seems like forever ago, Germany has undergone somewhat of a rebuild, it remains to be seen if they have the quality needed to make it past the last 16, but again it would be no surprise for them to shine when it matters.

Euro 2024 Predictions : So Who Will Win Euro 2024?

Well now that we have formulated a picture of how things can occur we can now consider who we think is going to win, and honestly, it seems stupid to even type this out but I think England will win Euro 2024.

Our Euro Predictions for the Euro 2024 Winner = England

Everything is aligning, we have the players, the manager, and the form coming into this one and if we can get off to a good start the bandwagon can start rolling into the latter stages of this competition.

We predict pandemonium in the streets of England coming out of a recession and a cost of living crisis only to have the biggest party on Earth when we win Euro 2024!

England is currently 100/30 to win this one and though those odds are low considering our history it could be well worth taking them now before they shorten.

Thanks for reading our Euro 2024 Predictions, make sure you check out our free football tips and also our best football tipsters if you are considering the use of a professional.

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