Could Augmented Reality Aid Your Playing Experience

Could Augmented Reality Aid Your Playing Experience?

New technologies are always difficult to judge. Sometimes a piece of tech is so hyped that its eventual product has too much to live up to. Other times, technology can seem so confusing that its advantages are lost on the average person. Here we want to explore how augmented reality might find itself on this spectrum. How could this technology work with online betting, and what could it add to the experience?

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality, or AR, uses digital technology to overlay digital components into the physical world. It does this with a camera and a display. The camera records your environment, and the display places digital models and effects into this environment. AR could recolour your home, for example, or insert a new kitchen so you can see what it looks like. It also holds real promise in gambling.

Getting More Involved

For an example of what AR could do in the future, let’s first look at some of the most cutting-edge betting experiences online. When you play roulette online today, you can access a variety of live titles like Quantum Roulette, Lucky 6 Roulette, and much more. These stream real dealers to your desktop and mobile devices, fusing at-home convenience with the feel of physical casino play.

Future augmented reality solutions could build on this potential by streaming the dealer directly into your home. This is already partially possible with systems like Apple’s Vision Pro, and in the future, it will only improve. With AR, you could also one day convert a coffee table into a virtual racetrack. You could watch an entire race from above as it played out. This might be a huge aid for enjoyment, and it might even help with betting.

Seeing More with AR

In the above AR racetrack example, it might one day be possible to get an instant readout of bets and tips from above. You could see the stats of horses as they line up, and their odds. You could watch them as they race from any angle you want and see how they perform. This information might then be used to see which tips were relevant, or even draw your conclusions about what might happen next. AR would provide more angles on the action than have even been available before.

Of course, betting is ultimately about luck. Augmented reality might let you see more than you ever have, but you won’t be the only one with this advantage. Expert bookies and tipsters will also use the technology to their advantage. This means you’ll have to track down who is operating at this bleeding edge and try to figure out what they’re doing differently.

It might seem like science fiction, but existing AR is already a powerful and impressive tool. It might be a little clunky and lacking in software this early in its lifespan, but these issues won’t last forever. One day, AR will be cheap enough and the software will be powerful enough to add great things to the betting experience. The only question is, will you go along for the ride?

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