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Cheltenham Festival 2021 Betting Value Tips!

Cheltenham Festival 2021 Betting Value Tips…

The Cheltenham Festival is one of the UK’s proudest in the world of horse racing. It attracts a mixed bag of interested parties. Those looking for a day or a few days out, those that want to experience one of the UK’s special horse racing atmospheres, and a huge number of sports fans that love to have a flutter on the races.

This is also one of the most difficult racing events to predict as the best horses from around the UK and Ireland, and some from overseas, battle it out under the guidance of the world’s most formidable jockeys. Therefore, we have a quick to absorb guide right here that will help you get the most value out of your bets!

Find No Deposit Bookmaker Sign Up Offers

Now when you find the perfect no deposit bonus for you, don’t rush in and sign up just yet. Make sure the online bookmaker in question offers a decent set of markets on the Cheltenham Festival. You should also check to see if the website is a reputable one when it comes to horse racing as a whole. It is these sites that will give you the best, or shall we say the most reliable odds.

Now as for the no deposit bookmaker, we are talking about an online sportsbook that will give you a free bet on the Cheltenham Festival without having to make a deposit!

Look for Enhanced Odds Offers

Enhanced odds are great because they actually increase the risk on the bookmaker’s behalf. Essentially the bookmaker will give you better odds on a certain horse compared to the ‘actual’ odds. For instance, a horse that has 2-1 odds may have its odds enhanced to 3-1.

This is a great way for bookmakers to attract people that want to back the races or horses the enhanced odds are applied to. While other bookmakers will offer lower odds, the bookmaker with the enhanced odds is going to be far more attractive. Once the Cheltenham Festival is over, as a member of an online bookmaker, you will often find more enhanced odds offered on other markets.

Make the Most Out of Deposit Match Bonus Deals

On the one hand you can sign up and get no deposit bonus deal, on the other, you should still have a ‘first deposit bonus’ offer you can use. The deposit match bonus does require a deposit, and in return you could triple or quadruple the amount of your deposit. For example, if you deposit £10 the website may offer £20, £30, or £40 in bonus bets in top.

Adding to this, deposit match offers rarely stop with your first deposit. There are always regular bonus bet offers that will give you more bonus bet money on top of your deposit when you opt-in. It’s just one of those deals that just keeps on giving.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Cheltenham Festival Bets!

Now you know about the 3 main betting offers out there, you can hunt down the site that has free bets when betting on Cheltenham races via no deposit bonus offers to get your first set of free bets on your bet slip.

The next step is to take advantage of any deposit match bonus offers by making a cash budget commitment to how much you want to bet on the Cheltenham Festival. Make the deposit and you will have a real money balance and a bonus bet balance. Now you can place more bets using both real money and free bets.

Now you can start to look out for attractive enhanced odds-on certain horses and races during the Cheltenham Festival. Once again, you are getting more value for your money! And to polish it all off, if you are looking for the best tipster for the Cheltenham Festival so you can place wise bets, then check out this guide to tipsters.