California Sports Betting Laws

California Sports Betting Laws: What Can They Learn From The UK?

The UK is different from California in many ways, however, what stands out the most is their laws with regard to sports betting.

While California is currently mourning the loss of the election that saw the state not legalizing online sports betting, the UK has all forms of sports betting legalized in the country.

Let’s have a close look and see how the two differ from each other and what California can inevitably learn from the UK.

Best Sports Betting Sites For Californians

Due to the fact that sports betting remains unregulated in California, residents can make use of sports betting sites operating in other states or countries. It’s important that when choosing a sportsbook, you choose one with the following qualities:

  • Pick a site with a good reputation with its customers. You don’t want to sign up with a sportsbook that has several negative reviews and complaints from its customers.
  • A site with 24/7 customer service ensures that no matter what time or day it is, there will always be someone to answer your most pressing queries.
  • Different sports and sections to bet on will keep you entertained for hours. Find one that has a wide variety of sports, players, and tournaments you can bet on.

Sports Betting Laws In The UK

Since 1961, sports betting has been legal in the United Kingdom. Among the nations that permit legal sports betting, the UK was one of the first to accept the sports betting sector and has some of the most advanced legal systems.

More sports wagers are placed in the UK than in any other nation in Europe. In the United Kingdom, there is a wide variety of sports on which you can legally wager. Sports that can be legally gambled on in the UK include cricket, American football, basketball, boxing, golf, tennis, and eSports. Many sportsbooks can promote their business and odds without government control with minimum regulations.

Furthermore, wagering on sports online is not only permitted in the United Kingdom, but is also regarded as one of the most effective ways to get in on the action. You can get the finest betting lines for major leagues no matter where you are in the UK, as long as you have access to the internet and can place an online bet. It is not necessary to physically go to a sportsbook in order to place a wager on the English Premier League team of your choice.

Currently, the United Kingdom is home to more than 500 online sportsbooks that are active. Paddy Power, Betway, and MyBookie are three examples of well-known European sportsbooks that fall within this category. The United Kingdom has been and continues to be a prominent player in the field of mobile and online sports betting, and it is also continuing to provide all sports bettors with the finest odds that are currently available.

Sports Betting Laws In California

Sports betting is not among the several types of gambling that are permitted in California, despite the state’s liberal gaming laws. Indian casinos, the California State Lottery, card rooms, charitable gaming, and pari-mutuel wagering on horse racing, are all acceptable types of gambling in California.

Numerous sports betting laws have been proposed by California legislators in past years, but none have been passed.

Two ballot proposals that asked Californians to weigh in on the legalization of sports betting were part of the effort’s continuation in 2022. This subject is very important in the state, as seen by the more than $450 million spent by interested parties on both sides of the argument to promote their perspectives.

Numerous California tribes supported one of the initiatives (proposition 26), which would have allowed retail-only sports betting at tribal casinos and state racetracks but not at card rooms. That strategy disregarded the potential for online sports betting.

Using partnerships between the tribes and online sportsbooks, the other measure (proposition 27) would have legalized online sports betting. This initiative was backed by several of the biggest online bookmakers in the nation, despite the fact that the tribes opposed it.

Both initiatives were ultimately soundly defeated. Prop. 26 received just over 68% of the no votes, and Prop. 27 received just over 83% of the no votes.

However, supporters of both initiatives and of sports betting in general are already talking about continuing the struggle with them staying on the look-out for the 2024 ballot, when at least one sports betting initiative, if not more, will definitely surface. The unsuccessful 2022 campaign served as a reminder that any legal sports betting that occurs in California must have the full support of the state’s tribes.

The Bottom Line

Will California ever end up with relaxed gambling laws like the UK? Citizens have to wait and see as the years progress, however, it is possible that online sports betting will be legalized in the Golden State.

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