Betting Scams

Betting Scams And How To Avoid Them

Betting Scams have been around for a long time, but recently there seems to have been a dramatic rise in the amount that are appearing especially on social media.

Betting fraud occurs when you are offered inside information or ‘fixed matches and systems’ that guarantee you to profit from betting on them.

Before we get started if you are a victim of betting fraud contact Action Fraud.

Fixed Matches

One of the biggest risers in the betting scams industry notably on Twitter and Facebook is fixed matches.

This is where a person or group will offer you football matches that they say have been arranged or fixed to return the desired result they tell you, this can be a correct score, yellow cards, or any other market,

The issue is they are all fake and they want a large sum of money from you up front before you can find that out.

Look For Falsified Images

They often tend to photoshop images so it looks like their bets have won huge amounts of money, take a closer look and you will often see colour differences and or other errors to show the image is fake.

Never place bets for other people

As we said some scammers say they are unable to place bets so ask you to place bets for them using your own money, do not do this.

Match fixing does exist…BUT

Risking a long jail sentence by doing this activity means they are VERY unlikely to be touting on social media for small change.

Use your head! fixed matches is the number one scam going on in the UK and abroad at the minute.

Often these scammers swill get a group of 30+ people together and then ask for an amount of money from each of them upfront before they reveal a “fixed match”.

Often this will be a completely random match and they will make up a result and hope it happens to charge the group again, the thing the group doesn’t realize is the game is not fixed at all.

Inside Information

When it comes to horse racing betting scams it’s the insider information scam that most people fall for.

You will be offered a subscription which can cost hundreds per month to receive so-called inside information that you can profit from.

Why would they sell information they can profit from themselves? They will tell you it’s because they are known by bookmakers or have had their betting accounts limited.

Some will even try to get you to place bets for them and offer to give you a cut of the proceeds, avoid this at all costs.

It is against horse racing rules for people within the industry to pass on sensitive information. Therefore, it is very unlikely that anyone who has inside information will advertise the fact. Anyone who does is very likely to be up to no good.

How To Avoid Betting Scams

The main thing to remember is if it seems too good to be true it probably is, nobody that you want to be involved with can fix matches it’s illegal end of.

Inside information is also not legal, so not only are you likely to be scammed out of your hard-earned money but you are also engaging in criminal activity.

  • Look for false images or documents
  • No website(or a bad one)
  • Limited contact details
  • Brand new or small following social accounts (often fake followers too)
  • Lack of betting history
  • Look for reviews on sites such as Trust Pilot
  • Never pay upfront for anything
  • Never reveal personal or banking details about yourself to anyone
  • If it doesn’t sound right avoid it at all costs

New Scams will appear all the time so keep your wits about you and don’t do anything silly.

There are far better ways that are legal to increase your chance of winning on your bets, and that’s through the use of betting tipsters, professionals in their chosen sports who can advise you on more profitable bets.

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