betfan review

BetFan Review

Welcome to my BetFan Review, Betfan is a tipster platform with hundreds of services available across a multitude of different sports.

The sports covered by betfan tipsters include Horse Racing, Football, Cricket, Golf, Tennis as well as many other sporting events.

Visit BetFan here and claim your free tips package

Where To Join: Betfan official site

Service Headline: “Sports Betting is the nation’s favorite pastime and here’s your opportunity to join the betting army that really does know how to beat the bookies and take their cash!!!”

Service Cost:  Numerous services on offer covering all sports with free trials and more some premium services can cost upwards of £40 per month.

Betfan tipsters Sports Covered: All sports covered

Are Their Tipsters Profitable: Yes

Based In London (Address): Betfan Limited
Suite 3, 55 Liddon Road

Betfan also offers a free tipster package which costs absolutely nothing to claim. It is called Mega 4 and you can claim your free tips package here.

BetFan Review

BetFan is one of the biggest tipping platforms on the internet we a huge following of over 50,000 strong.

It’s easy to see that there is a good reason for it. They cover all sports and have hundreds of tipster services, many of them are highly profitable even if betting at lower than advised stakes.

All of the tipsters on Betfan are put through the strict betfan proofing process over a period of 3 months or longer to make sure their selections are profitable.

There are two free tipster services too, Bet Kudos and Mega 4 both of which are well worth signing up for (all it costs is your email address to register) free tips are given every week at zero cost ever to you.

There are much more for other sports too just have a look around on their website. You will see there are hundreds of services with new ones being launched all the time.

The good thing is that all tipsters on the Betfan platform are proofed for a period of around 3 months to ensure profitability this ensures that any service you do join has a very good chance of making you money.

Let’s face it how many of us could show a profit from betting on horse racing or football after a period of 3 months..not many.

The free tips package is a good thing to try out before you jump into paying for services a some can be quite expensive.

Some services here, to be honest, are not worth the price tag so make sure you look at their recent results and weigh up if it’s worth splashing out.

Keep an eye out for reduced prices from time to time as well as free trials as this is the best way to get a feel for the profitability of service before you part with your hard-earned cash.

With nearly every sport covered and multiple trials and membership options available you will certainly find a tipster to suit your betting style and budget.

There are some services with over 1000 points of profit in 2 years which is very very good and worthy of your attention.

I think BetFan is a good platform and you will certainly find something to suit not only your budget but your profit targets.

When looking for a new tipster service whether it’s for Horse Racing, Football Tennis, or Greyhounds Betfan has you covered.

Visit BetFan here and claim your free tips package

Betfan Review – Best Tipsters from the Betfan Platform

Here is a selection of the best tipsters on the Betfan platform these are paid-for services. You can also claim a free betfan tips package here.

betfan review lucky 7 naps

Lucky 7 Naps – This service has delivered its members masses of profits on a regular basis. This is based upon win selections only and has given an average of 50 points per week in profit since 2014.

Super Lucky 15 – Another horse racing tipster service yet this one offers its members Lucky 15 bets (4 selections with 4 win bets 6 doubles 4 trebles and a fourfold).

Huge winnings can be had with these bets as you know and this service has amassed over 250 points in profit since late 2016.

Favourite Plays – This is a horse racing tips profile on Betfan that offers spread betting tips for horse racing meetings in the UK.

The service has produced over 600 points of profit in just over 6 months at the time of writing and if you like spread betting on horses this could be the tipster for you.

The Champagne Kid – A horse racing tipster that has delivered over 1000 points of profit in just under 2 years is pretty impressive.

Massive odds winners are a regular theme here with winners at odds of 33/1 and above.

A good old fashioned horse tipping profile that delivers long term.

Two Percent Club – another horse racing tipster which is basically one of many profitable horse tipsters on the Betfan platform.

Cheap to join and stay a member and has delivered over 400 points in just over 2 years (to £10 stakes that are over £4000).

Bet Fairway – You may have guessed by the name that this is a golf tipster. This is a long-running service, in fact, it has been going for over 5 years and during that time it has brought its members 1,653.84 points of profit between February 2014 and February 2019.

Visit BetFan here and claim your free tips package

Another thing to consider with this platform is bet fan plus where you can filter out the very best tipsters on offer. I have no doubts you can find something to tickle your fancy at betfan.

Your Betfan reviews?

Have you used The BetFan Service? Please create your own review and leave star ratings on your findings when being a member of this service.

This enables other readers to make an informed decision on joining the tipster in question.

BetFan Review
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The BetFan tipster network has a lot of services to offer, some are very expensive to follow and others have been profitable but cost a lot to be a member of. Weigh up the pros and cons and maybe try the free tips first before you part with any cash.


Free tips every week for registering Good selection of tipsters


Some premium services very expensive

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