Beginner’s Guide to Betting On NASCAR

Beginner’s Guide to Betting On NASCAR

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is huge in motorsport. With the popularity growing and races held almost every weekend, there is a chance to place as many wagers as possible. 

It does not matter if you’ve been following the sport for long or new; you can bet on different series like the Auto Club 500, Ruoff Mortgage 500, Alsco Uniforms 300, etc. This guide will give a complete overview of the sport and how you can start placing your bets.

Basics of NASCAR

It looks like the cars are only going around in circles for a complete newbie, but there is more to it. Before any race, there are three levels of qualifying rounds, serving to eliminate drivers and determine the starting grid positions. NASCAR races are long and can go hundreds of miles, making pit stops a vital part.

Every track has pit roads where drivers can stop, and the crew can work on their cars. The crews typically consist of two tire changers, a jackman, a petrol man, and two tire carriers. Finally, another crew member comes in to service the windshield as the race gets close to the end.

Different flags come in during actual races, and each of them has various things they signify. 

  • The green flag indicates to go.
  • Yellow indicates caution for drivers should be careful.
  • Red is to stop the race.
  • White indicates there is one lap left.
  • Checkered shows that the race is over.
  • Green and White checkered shows the race end-stage for the first ten drivers to cross the finish line.
  • Black is to signal to a driver that they should pit.
  • Black with a White Cross is used when the driver does not respond to the black flag.
  • Blue with Yellow Stripe comes in handy for warning slow drivers that faster cars are close.
  • Blue signals to drivers to warn them about stopped or slow cars.

In addition, NASCAR races have other contributing factors like restart zones, free passes, spotters that help drivers, etc. Not to worry, you will understand these things as you grow familiar with the sport. NASCAR also covers 12 racing series, including the Xfinity Series, Camping World Truck Series, and the Monster Energy Cup Series. 

NASCAR Betting Guide

Before you start betting, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the different racing series available so that you get the hang of the rules and formats. Once you do that, you can also learn about the different betting markets available with the options you can bet on.

Like any other sport, you need to know the different available betting markets before starting betting. In that case, below are some of NASCAR’s notable betting options to keep in mind.

  • An outright win bet is the simplest and most famous of NASCAR bets, where you place a direct bet on a specific driver to win.
  • The fastest qualifier or pole position bet is when you bet on a specific driver that you think should secure the fastest lap time in the qualifiers and win pole position in the actual race.
  • A podium finish bet is betting on a driver to finish in any of the top three positions of a race.
  • The fastest lap bet lets you decide which driver you think would complete the quickest lap during the actual race. 

Aside from these, you will find other notable betting markets like futures, driver matchups, props bets, and many more.

NASCAR Betting Tips

Like every other sport you can bet on, NASCAR has a few betting points that you should be familiar with as a beginner. Aside from understanding the sport and learning the different betting markets, you need to ensure that you are familiar with the races and top drivers.

You should check out their stats, recent performances, trends, and how they line up at each racing series. With that, you can keep placing informed bets without a problem.


NASCAR is a top sport, especially in the US. But it has started getting traction from other parts of the world. So, many sports betting sites now offer the chance to bet on different NASCAR series, especially popular ones. As a result, you can find one sportsbook to join and start your NASCAR betting journey today!

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