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A Short History Of The Caulfield Cup (And 5 Betting Tips For 2023)

The Caulfield Cup is one of the oldest races in the Australian calendar that became Group One in 1979. It first ran in 1879, and Newminster emerged as the winner. The 2,400m race normally takes place in mid-October at the Caulfield racecourse. However, it was held at Flemington during the Second World War and ran in divisions in 1943.

In the 1885 Caulfield Cup, 44 horses participated, and the scramble for positions led to 15 falling and the death of jockey Donald Nicholson. Since then, the field has been restricted to 18 runners and emergencies.

1998 marked a new phase for all Australian racers since international competitors were allowed to participate in the Caulfield Cup competitions. This made it even more popular, and it’s now one of the major horse racing events that attract a huge following worldwide, including many punters.

The Caulfield Cup prize money currently stands at AUD$5,000,000. The winner gets AUD$3,000,000 plus trophies worth AUD$150,000 to the horse owner, jockey, trainer, and strapper. The rest goes to the top-ten finishes.

the Caulfield Cup

With all that’s at stake, here are four betting tips to help you get the right bet for the 2022 Caulfield Cup:

  1. Take advantage of tipster predictions

Tipster predictions are significant when betting on competitive horse races such as the $5 million Group 1 Caulfield Cup – the most lucrative race at its distance of 2400 meters. Therefore, before placing a bet, you’d want to take a look at the forecasts.

The best online bookies provide comprehensive odds for punters. Bookies base these predictions on detailed analysis by experienced handicappers who have studied the game for several years. These experts consider all metrics, including the winning patterns in previous races. Placing your bet with these reliable bookies can be particularly helpful if you’re a horse race–betting newbie.

  1. Research results of past races

Analysing the past Caulfield Cup results can also help enhance your odds. Look into rankings for all participating 18 horses, the completion times, victory margins, and any scratchings. Luckily, sporting platforms also provide this information, providing comprehensive data for your bet placement strategy.

Durston won the 2022 Caulfield Cup, a late entrant who proved his prowess and delivered a performance for the ages. The mighty steed is the first emergency to grab the gold. Durston, with Michael Dee on the saddle, perfectly trailed Gold Trip’s path before pulling ahead in the last 100 metres like a bolt of lightning.

Below is a list of the horses in second to tenth places with the margins:

  • Gold Trip: 0.2L
  • Knight’s Order: 0.95L
  • Montefilia: 1.05L
  • Numerian (IRE): 1.15L
  • Vow and Declare: 1.9L
  • Smokin’ Romans (NZ): 2.3L
  • Duais: 2.5L
  • Sound (GER): 2.7L
  • Nonconformist: 2.8L

With these numbers, you can develop a detailed review of a win and the condition under which the winning horse and jockey achieved their victory. This gives you important betting pointers, and you can decipher what counts as a safe bet for the 2023 Caulfield Cup.

  1. Consider the jockey

In horse racing competitions, the abilities of the jockey can often outweigh those of the horse. This means that even a well-bred, finely trained horse may fall short of winning if the jockey lacks sufficient experience. Conversely, an average horse can surprise everyone and win under the guidance of an expert jockey. The skill and tactical acumen of the jockey can often mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Adept riders possess exceptional skills in directing the horse and controlling its speed. They can strategically position the horse for a lead during pace setting by taking tighter turns or pushing ahead sooner. Maintaining balance and control in sharp turns or amid a crowded field takes a combination of physical strength, balance, and instinct honed over years of racing. This diverse knowledge and experience give them a distinct edge in the sport.

  1. Consider the trainer

Just like the jockey, the horse trainer also plays an essential part in horse racing. Proper training helps a horse build and maintain physical fitness. It gradually builds the horse’s muscle and stamina to ensure peak performance and endurance. It also prepares them mentally for racing conditions, teaching them racing starts, or how to handle the crowded racing field.

The trainer ensures the horse is well prepared to participate in the competitions. This involves deciding the horse’s training regimen. They develop racing strategies tailored to each horse’s capabilities and the specifics of the race.

  1. Look into the weights of the horses

Being a handicap race, the horses running in the Caulfield Cup are usually assigned different weights to even the playing field. The factors include age, sex and previous performances. For instance, better racehorses can carry heavier weights to compensate for the capability difference. However, all weights range between 49kg and 58kg.

Based on past trends, the weights with the most wins are between 50kg and 55 kg. For instance, since 2010, 7 out of the 12 Caulfield champions carried weights within this bracket. Only two horses earned victory under 58 kg: Dunaden in 2012 and Admire Rakti in 2014. On the other hand, Arctic Scent is the only horse to have won in the last 22 years, with the lightest weight of 49kg. For that reason, it might be best to bet on a horse carrying a weight of at least 50–53 kg. The extremes of 58 kg or 49 kg can be a risky bet.


The Caulfield Cup is one of Australia’s most famous and much-loved betting races. As you prepare for this exciting event, you’ll likely want to place bets with a high chance of success and payout. Undeniably, there’s an unparalleled satisfaction in backing the victorious horse, so make sure to consider these horse racing betting tips to help you get the most out of your bets in the 2023 Caulfield Cup.

Also, it’s important to remember that the Caulfield Cup is one of the key races leading up to the renowned Melbourne Cup, fondly referred to as ‘the race that stops a nation.’ Use the Caulfield Cup as a reliable barometer to gauge which horses are likely contenders for victory in the Melbourne Cup.

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