A review of the Overlyzer app

A review of the Overlyzer app

As a punter who’s looking to make the most of your stakes, you’ll appreciate the availability of platforms who help you break down odds and betting markets to their simplest forms.

The Overlyzer app is the best app for betting research involving various odds and bookmakers. It provides adequate betting education to new and experienced bettors on the various aspects of the game.

This is a review of the Overlyzer betting software and the app’s best features which you would find interesting as you prepare to bet smartly.

Introduction to the Overlyzer app

Launched in 2021, the Overlyzer app came as a solution to the biggest problem faced by punters: making smart betting decisions.

As great (and lucky) as some punters are, they still find themselves falling prey to some very avoidable betting mistakes which end up ruining their bets and emptying their pockets.

This challenge is also a big problem for rookie and casual bettors who want to get into the world of betting. The Overlyzer AI helps punters to see the trends of their favourite teams to aid them make more informed bets, while providing betting education for rookie punters.

Most importantly, it solves the problem of having to visit a URL every time. Like many other internet-powered endeavours, betting is mostly done on mobile. The Overlyzer app helps bettors access information easier than having to visit a URL.

The key feature of the Overlyzer betting software

One big hindrance for rookie bettors and a constant headache for experienced ones is analyzing what teams and which games would yield results when bet upon. The Overlyzer app solves this problem at the fundamental level and presents the results in a manner that is easy to understand.

The app takes it further by providing in-depth in-game analysis for punters who enjoy live betting. With the easy to understand graphs that show various key moments of a game such as team pressure and xG (expected goal), punters who enjoy live (in-play) betting are able to make informed bets.

This is the Overlyzer betting software’s biggest and best feature which makes it the number one most trusted betting app among experienced and rookie bettors. It also comes with a lot of other features which will be highlighted in the coming sections.

Other Overlyzer app features

Live scores and events

While you follow the trends of the games you have bet on, the Overlyzer app also affords you the opportunity to follow the timeline of the games you have bet on.

Minute-by-minute updates and analysis are available for your consumption so it feels like you are not missing the game even if you are not watching it live.

This offering is not only available for games in popular leagues, but for thousands of leagues across the world so you can learn more about what teams could be good betting options in the future.

Custom settings

This feature is great for rookie and casual bettors who do not do well with the myriad of information available to process during a game. With this feature, you can select which in-game information is most important to you and your bets.

While an experienced pundit may not have issues navigating all the information presented by the Overlyzer betting software within the app, it is also a handy feature to have for them to focus on the information that is important to their bets.

Two of the most popular custom settings in the app are the Progress setting which allows you to see which teams are pressuring and most likely to score; and the Stats and Ticker setting which gives you the option of viewing in-game stats like shots on target saves, and so on.

Over/Under feature

Over/Under betting is arguably the most popular betting market there is. This is a market that allows bettors to stake on how many goals combined they believe will be scored in a game.

The Over/Under feature on the app gives bettors an idea into a team’s form which can help bettors come to a decision on the bet to make for their Over/Under selection.

Where to download the Overlyzer app

The Overlyzer app is available for download on the Google Play store for Android and the App Store for iOS (Apple) devices. It is also available for desktop users (Windows and Mac OS) who enjoy betting on their computers.

It is free to use, mostly, but a number of its features are behind a paywall. A €19 subscription fee will unlock all of its premium features for users to enjoy the full range of the Overlyzer betting software on the Overlyzer app.

Download it today and start enjoying betting like never before.

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