4 precautions to take when gambling online

4 precautions to take when gambling online

The gambling industry is only growing in popularity, which is beneficial for its users and the various platforms which offer it. In fact, by 2027, the online gambling industry was valued at £3.1 billion in the UK in 2021, which accounted for over half of all gross yield from the sector.

But exponential growth also comes with its unique set of challenges. It’s important that users take sensible precautions and stay mindful of things to watch out for whilst using an online gambling platform. 

In this article, we’ll explain the four precautions you should take when gambling to prevent any mishaps or problems. 

  1. Online age verification 

Studies have shown that underage gambling can lead to negative consequences, such as addiction. This is why it’s important to use online gambling sites that use technology that supports the prevention of underage gambling. 

Online age verification can be easily integrated into online gambling platforms and is simple and easy to do. It works by uploading a form of ID such as a passport, ID card, or driver’s license, which then can be cross-checked through a 3D liveness app to match the user with their ID. 

  1. Create a strong (and new!) password 

Yes, it can be frustrating to continually think of new passwords for all your different accounts. However, if you are reusing the same password for multiple accounts, this opens you up for potential hacking if any of your data is leaked online

Use an online password generator that can generate unique and secure passwords for your accounts, whilst saving them in a handy folder for you to access when required.

  1. Never use public Wi-Fi for financial transactions 

Public Wi-Fi can be extremely helpful when you’re out and about, however, it’s not impervious to cyber-attacks or being hacked. Public Wi-Fi tends to have very little in the way of security or cyber defences, meaning that your data or personal information could be at risk by using it. 

This is why you should never try to input card details or do transactions over public Wi-Fi, since it’s just not worth the risk. It’s always best to wait until you get home, or switch over to your own data to make any financial transactions. 

  1. Be wary of casinos that ask you to download software 

All well-known and developed online gambling platforms should have the infrastructure to house thousands of players at a single time. You shouldn’t need to have to download anything to your computer or phone, and you should be wary of any platform that asks you to do this. 

Downloading software puts you at risk for viruses or even having your data stolen. Do your research and stay away from sites that don’t have suitable online platforms for gameplay. 

Being safe and secure with online gambling platforms

Keeping yourself safe when using online gambling platforms shouldn’t be too difficult when you know what to look out for.

We hope this article on the necessary precautions to take has given you a mental checklist to use when having fun online. As the industry continues to grow, customer security is always at the forefront when designing safe and engaging platforms to use. 

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