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10 Effective Ways Of Winning More In Online Casinos

10 Effective Ways Of Winning More In Online Casinos, As all experienced punters know, the primary purpose of gambling at online casinos is to make a profit. It is common to have random wins every once in a while. However, making online casino gaming a regular profitable venture requires prior planning.

Although luck can never be ruled out, proper planning is also very necessary when you play. So, in this article, we have provided ten practical tips to help you in winning more in online casinos.

1.  Register At A Gambling Platform That Suits You

With the proliferation of online gambling sites, it is important to register at trusted sites. Peruse the options at your disposal and select one that suits you.

Just like online sportsbooks offering different betting odds and markets, online casinos also provide different games, bonuses, and perks. It is advisable to register at a site that offers multiple games in the form of slots, table games, and live dealer games. With the large variety of games, you can always find a game that will become your new favorite.

2.  Take Advantage Of Bonus Offers

Bonuses are free perks given to you by online casinos. Most casinos provide bonus offers like no-deposit bonuses, first deposit bonuses, and free spins. The bonuses and the wagering requirements are factors to consider when you want to choose the best online casino.

Bonuses help to expand your bankroll, play more and ultimately win more. However, you should understand how wagering requirements work.

When given a bonus, what really determines whether it is worth accepting is the bonus requirement attached to it. Some bonus requirements are fair, while others are just not worth the stress.

An example of a fair bonus requirement is one that requires you to wager your bonus money 20x in 30 days. This means if the bonus money is $50, you must wager the $50 twenty times in 30 days before you can withdraw your earnings.

3.  Play Demo Games

Before you begin playing for real money, it is helpful to play for free at the best online casinos. Playing free games helps you become more familiar with the games as you can practice for as long as you like until you wish to win real money online.

The games are exactly the same as their real money formats. The only difference is in the demo games; you win points.

4.   Prepare A Bankroll

You must have a bankroll that you should not exceed to win more. After winning several games, you should call it a day and enjoy your winnings. Avoid the temptation to keep wagering even when you feel it’s your lucky day.

Also, on the contrary, when you have had a losing run, do not chase your losses. Once you have reached your bankroll for that session, take a break till your next gaming session.

5.  Play Games With High RTPs

Return-To-Player (RTP) signifies the percentage you are expected to win against the house edge. Most games come with RTPs between 96%-97%.

When you play a game with an RTP of 96%, the house edge is 4%. You must know that the higher the house edge, the higher your possibility of winning. You can find information about the house edge on online casino sites.

6.  Play Low Volatility Slots

Volatility levels signify the frequency and value of wins. If you wish to win frequently, stick to the low to medium volatility slots. These games guarantee you regular wins but at minimal rates.

However, if you’re a high roller and prefer to win huge amounts, focus on high volatility slots. You must be patient, though, as these games hardly yield frequent wins.

7.   Avoid Alcohol While Playing

Never play while drunk. Being intoxicated while playing will cause an inability to make proper decisions.

This is even worse during online gambling as there’s a possibility of spending above your bankroll. You also take bigger risks that you ordinarily wouldn’t when sober.

8.  Know The More Beneficial Deposit Methods

Some sites offer better payment methods than others. It is important to know the one that works best for you.

Some deposit methods are really slow and dull the gaming session, so you should use those which guarantee swift online payments. Also, if you prefer making payments using cryptocurrency, you should register with a casino that offers these crypto payments.

9. Take Advantage Of VIP Offers

Casinos also reward their regular players with loyalty or VIP offers. These VIP offers are usually in stages. The benefits are more attractive as players increase in rank.

These loyalty bonuses could be in the form of extra free spins or cashback offers, and some do not even attach bonus requirements to them. These offers also help you win more and lose less; it’s a form of the casino thanking you for staying with them.

10. Wager With Small Amounts First

When you play with small amounts, you can spread your bets. For instance, if your budget is $50, you should not play $10 slots as you only have a shot five times.

Instead, play with little amounts such as $1; this gives you a long stretch. And there’s a high possibility you will likely hit wins amongst the fifty spins you make.  


These are proven ways of winning. Now that you know them, all that is left for you is to implement them in your gaming sessions.

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