Best E-Sports Tipsters

Who Are The Best E-Sports Tipsters?

A question I am hearing a lot lately is who are the best e-sports tipsters? Well, I thought I would have a good look around the internet and find some of the most profitable e-sports tipsters to follow for 2020 and beyond.

Somewhat of a new area of tipping as there are not many tipsters for e-sports at the moment but I know this will change over time.

What Are E-Sports?

Like the name suggests its electronic versions of popular sports and games played in a competitive manner.

You can now bet on popular e-sports teams when they play each other in competitive leagues and matches at venues across the world.

Players can either play one-on-one against one another (in games like FIFA and Call Of Duty) or in teams. For example, in Halo, two teams of four playoffs against each other, while in Overwatch, two teams of six compete. Rules and strategies can differ greatly depending on the game in question.

Betting On E-sports

Bookmakers in the UK are now allowing you to gamble on e-sports in a big way, Bookies such as William Hill allow you to bet on e-sports.

There are many bet types to try too from correct scores, round wins, and more.

Odds are offered in the same way as other forms of gambling and placing a bet on esports is as easy as backing a horse.

Why Use An E-sports Tipster?

Well, it would be very wise if you don’t know anything about something to either do some serious research first or to follow the selections of someone who knows about e-sports.

Below is a list of E-sports tipsters that you can take a look at and perhaps follow their tips.

Bear in mind this is a new type of sport and there is only a select few tipsters about worth mentioning.

Some Profitable E-sports Tipsters For 2020 And Beyond

Here are is the top and most profitable e-sports tipster I have found so far, I will add more as and when I find them.

There is not many about at the moment remember so you may have to bare with me a while.

aurum 21 epsorts

1. Aurum 21+ Esports

Offering profitable e-sports selections for over 6 months now and has only had one losing month from those 6 so far too.

Delivers an average monthly profit of £224 per month from betting on e-sports and has a total profit so far of £1113.

Seems a solid service for something in a niche area.

Join Aurum 21+ Esports here


2) Sport-E

This is a new esports tipster on the Tipstrr platform, its far too early to comment on how good or bad it is but its worth taking a look and you can follow the progress for free.

Offers e-sports only selections so specializes in this area and that could prove to be profitable long term.

Join sport-E here (no longer tipping)

Thanks for reading and if you know a good e-sports tipster don’t hesitate to get in touch so that I can add them here.