Where Can You Win More: Horse Races or Online Casinos?

Where Can You Win More: Horse Races or Online Casinos?

Where Can You Win More: Horse Races or Online Casinos?

Horse racing betting seems like an aristocratic type of bet. After all, remembering feature films, all influential and successful people gambled in two places: in the online casino and at the Hippodrome.

But British bookmakers began to add horse races to their lists a very long time ago. We will try to figure out what is the advantage of this sport in betting, what you should know when making deals, and how you can make money vs playing slots, table, and card games.

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Horse Racing Betting: Popular Outcomes

Horse races have a wide line. The most understandable (and at the same time profitable – it depends on the margin of the bookmaker’s office) are the predictions for the victory or the prize place of the participant in the race, as well as the option “Duet”.

Example with the simplest “Win” bet: we put the victory of horse No. 1 – the forecast came true; we take the winnings. “Duet” is calculated based on the results of the two selected race participants. Correctly predicted – we multiply the odds by the amount of the bet. There are 12 types of bets in racing.

The Advantages of Betting on Horse Racing

The first thing that will catch the eye of an inexperienced bettor (or may attract the attention of a seasoned capper) is the high odds for some outcomes. For example, you can bet on individual horses with odds of 8.00-15.00, tempting, isn’t it? Well, there are several factors why such quotes are given. The main one is the presence of a clear favorite, which you can bet on for a modest odd of 1.10-1.20.

For some bettors, the benefit is that for a successful game, it is enough to constantly observe several participants bet a little on a daily/weekly when they are in good shape.

The analysis goes faster because this is not a football team, where it is important to take into account the condition of 11 or more people.

Strategies to Use

Let us single out a strategy called “Dutching”. Its essence is to choose a race in the line where several participants are given equal chances with a good coefficient.

The odds of 3.00-5.00 are suitable for us, these are not favorites, but also not broken horses who cannot win. We place bets on several participants in one race at once with a 4+ odds, and even if we bet on three horses, we will make a profit if one of them comes first. And the probability with an even run is quite high.

A little advice for beginners. If you want to try to make some money on horse racing, it is recommended to bet at the beginning of the day, on the first races. As a rule, the organizers release medium-sized horses to warm up, where there are no really strong participants.

Aesthetic Pleasure in Real-Time

In addition to the opportunity to bet on a spectacular sport, thanks to the broadcasts, you can personally enjoy the horse race right from your own home. Most bookmaker offices with the help of streamers provide their clients with the opportunity to watch the races live. Agree, this is not a bad gift for those who like to watch their bet in real-time.

Benefits of Playing at Online Casino

The development of the global Internet and digital technologies has brought gambling to online casinos. So, now you can play without interrupting your favorite home activities, right in front of your computer or mobile screen.

Online sites offer to play a standard list of gambling games (video poker, baccarat, slots, lottery, roulette, cards, keno, etc.) for real money or try your hand at free demo modes.

The benefits of online gambling houses:

  • Mobility and flexibility. You do not have to think about a specific dress code. Also, you can play from any place that has Internet access.
  • You can play slot machines anonymously. In land-based casinos, visitors and players are constantly monitored by CCTV cameras. And while playing from home, you can, for example, spy on some tips online and play by sticking to them.
  • A massive assortment of games offered in online casinos will allow you to find a variation that will be interesting and suit all parameters and features.
  • Free games and no deposit bonuses are available almost every online. Pay attention to additional loyalty programs, as well as various bonuses that allow you to increase your bankroll.
  • Very Impressive Jackpots – jackpots in virtual clubs can reach millions, especially on progressive slot machines.

Final Thoughts Horse Races or Online Casinos

Horse Races or Online Casinos, It is possible to make money on horse racing bets, and bookmakers offer a satisfactory list. Beginners in sports betting are advised to bet early in the day when horses of roughly equal strength are competing. Also, on the bookmaker website, you can find interesting bonuses that are designed specifically for horse racing.

To make it more interesting (or personally, get acquainted with the capabilities of the participants), you can follow the course of events online. Fortunately, there are now live broadcasts. Play in virtual casinos and make the most of all the advantages and bonuses offered.