What makes a great betting site?

What makes a great betting site?

What are the differences between a good betting site and a great one? They may be subtle and almost unrecognisable to the untrained eye, but it’s important to learn how to spot them. That’s because a great betting site can have a huge impact on the sports you bet on, the types of markets you enjoy, features and promotions. Choosing the correct site could be the difference between a profit and loss and the end of a season or year. That’s why bettors are always on the lookout for reliable sources reviewing the best sports betting sites in the UK.

Sports betting has changed almost beyond recognition over the last decade. Technology has brought convenience, speed, and security to the bettors. Gone are the days of having to visit your local bookmaker or casino before the advertised start time of a sports fixture, writing your bet on a paper slip and covering your stake in cash. That method is almost non-existent, with land-based bookies across the world quickly closing.

Mobile betting has taken over

The reason for that change is more bettors than ever before are gambling online, using websites and mobile apps to make their sports predictions. Online gambling changed the industry forever, bringing betting to a global audience. Registering for an online betting account with a major sportsbook meant you could wager from the comfort of your home using a computer or laptop. Bets could be placed pre-match or in-play, but there was another significant shift.

A recent study into the sports gambling industry showed more bets are placed using smartphone apps than websites and betting offices combined. The attraction of mobile betting is you can gamble on what you want, where you want and when you want. It puts the gambler in complete control of their betting experience and having had a taste of the good life; there’s now no going back. Sports bettors are now enjoying the kind of service they never knew they deserved.

In this article, we have enlisted the help of sports betting experts who explain what you should look for in a betting site. The points raised on this page aren’t luxuries but instead features you should demand when looking for safe betting sites to join.

Welcome bonus and promotions

The biggest bookmakers offer new players a welcome bonus free bet. This is a tool used by stable sites with a large customer base to drive new customers to the page while encouraging established members to return. These deals come in many different shapes and sizes, but the most generous are reserved for new players. The most popular type of welcome bonus is a matched free bet. With this promo, you will receive a free bet that is equal to your first deposit and gamble on sports.

Suppose you open an account with a bookie and deposit £50, then use that cash to wager on a Premier League football match. When that bet is live, the marketing team will add a £50 free bet to your account, and you can use this to gamble on any sports market available on the site, both pre-match and in-play. This type of promo is often capped, and the limit changes depending on which bookie you join. It puts you in complete control of how much you spend and the size of the free bet.

Recurring promos are available to both new and existing players. Click the promos page of your chosen bookie, and you’ll find cashback, enhanced odds, free bets, extra places each way, profit boosts and plenty more. There’s something to suit all members, and it’s worth checking the promotions page before placing each bet to check if there’s a better way to gamble.

Online security and protection

It is crucial that your chosen bookmaker is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. You’ll find information on a bookies’ license on the homepage, and this is something you should look for before joining a site. If there is no obvious sign of a UKGC license, you should exit the page as soon as possible as it could present a risk.

The leading bookies offer customers the highest standards of online security. Every transaction you make is protected by Secure Socket Layer technology. The encryption technology in place means your details are protected, never seen by another person. That includes the bookmaker staff. This allows you to bet with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your details are safe. Spend less time worrying about your bets and more time gambling on your favourite sports.

Generous odds

The more generous the odds, the more profits in your account when you back a winner. It’s important to seek out market best odds on every bet you place. Search any respected betting odds comparison site and go with the bookie that has the highest odds on the sports you love.