What Does SP Mean In Horse Racing?

What Does SP Mean In Horse Racing?

So What Does SP Mean In Horse Racing? Well, its quite simple SP stands for Starting Price.

The starting price is the odds a horse is when the race starts and the horses have begun racing.

Sometimes if you don’t have a bookmaker offering best odds guaranteed and they only offer the current price or SP its a gamble not worth taking.

This is because if you placed a bet on a horse that is currently odds of say 3/1 but you check the SP box, and the horses then gets backed into evens you will get evens and thus not win as much money from your stake.

obviously this can worth the other way too but best odds guaranteed is a far better way to secure an extra profit from your bets.

If you don’t have a bookmaker offering the best odds guaranteed promotion then I suggest you switch bookmaker now your throwing away winnings.

Below is an example of a BOG bet, as you can see this guy would have only won at the odds of 66/1 without best odds and has almost tripled his winnings with it.

best odds guaranteed
Above is an example of best odds guaranteed

Best odds guaranteed

Many bookmakers offer you the chance to take either the SP or best odds guaranteed, it’s always better to take best odds guaranteed if possible.

This is because if the SP is higher than when you back the horse and take best odds you will get the SP price and if it’s not you get the price it was when you placed your bet.

For the most part, I do not recommend taking SP prices when you back horses.

What does BSP mean on Betfair?

BSP is simply Betfair starting price its just the starting price that the selection was on Betfair when the race went off, as each bookie has different odds for events.

Is it profitable to bet on horses when taking the SP?

Well, this very much depends on how good you are at picking a winner doesn’t it but in general, you will make far more profit from your horse racing bets when taking best odds guaranteed instead of horse racing SP prices.

Thanks for reading I hope you found this article useful.