Types of Casino Bonuses

What are the Different Types of Casino Bonuses Available?

The types of Casino Bonuses can come in many forms, bespoke to every player’s needs. We all love a bonus – it’s just those pesky time limits, wagering requirements, and cashout limits that take a bit more patience. But hey, you’re getting something for free (pretty much), so it can’t be all that bad. There are shed loads of different casino bonuses available to new players so let’s take a look at the most common one’s out there.

The Welcome Bonus

The Welcome bonus usually comes in the form of a Match Bonus, sometimes including Free Spins. The hallowed Welcome Bonus’ function is to get players through the door and to hopefully start a lasting relationship with the casino. Just keep an eye out for wagering requirements, oh, and time limits, table weightings, and cashout limits. As they say, there’s no such as a free lunch; wedding buffets are excluded.

The Match Bonus

Usually baked into the Welcome Bonus, the Match Bonus says what it does on the tin. You deposit the amount and receive usually between a 100% to 300% bonus. Just keep in mind that you will need to complete the wagering requirement, within the allotted time frame. If you think this isn’t possible then please, please don’t accept the bonus.

Should you not complete the bonus requirements within the allotted time frame, you’ll lose all your hard-earned wagering and that sucks. Another note is to not withdraw while you have an active bonus, because that will also float away into the online casino ether. 

Free Spins

Slot fans unite – Free Spins are your best friend when it comes to casino bonuses. There are  Free Spins no deposit slot games available to players to try out new games too. You heard us correctly – no deposit, but of course, you’ll need to complete the wagering requirement.

The Free Spin wagering requirement is based on your slot winnings. Say you win £100, the average wagering requirement is 35x, so you’ll need to wager £3,500 before you can get your greasy mitts on that £100 bonus.

If you’re more of a casual player, we suggest depositing a lower amount and therefore having a more manageable wagering requirement. There’s nothing worse than not completing your wagering requirement. Well, social inequality comes a close second.

Refer a Buddy Bonus

As the name suggests, you can be eligible at some online casinos by referring a friend. Hell, they don’t have to even really need to be a friend, just someone you know. We’re pretty sure casinos don’t need proof of relationship such as photos, historic text messages between players, or other forms of proof of relationship. To a casino, a punter is a punter at the end of the day.

Payment Method Bonus

eWallets are fast becoming the predominant method of payment at online casinos. If you are vying for a juicy welcome bonus, stay away from the eWallets Neteller and Skrill, as these are exempt from casino bonuses for legal reasons. Yeah, it’s kind of unfortunate but there are a bunch of eWallets that are eligible for casino bonuses. Trustly, Siru, Paypal, ecoPayz, Entropay, BOKU, Pay Safe and Web Money are safe bets when it comes to receiving a casino welcome bonus.

The Big Fish Bonus

Call it what you will; a VIP bonus, a high roller bonus, a whale bonus (not afforded to the marine mammal but players that spend a load of cash at online casinos). VIP bonuses have the following benefits, and probably a few more:

  • Low wagering requirements – sometimes as low as 0x or 1x – these guys pump a load of money into the casino so get a free ride when it comes to wagering requirements.
  • Bespoke promotions with amazing prizes: some casinos offer trips to Las Vegas, Cruises, tropical islands and have even been known to provide tickets to see the Backstreet Boys. Well, we didn’t say it was all good.
  • VIPs will be assigned a dedicated VIP manager to keep players up to date with all ongoing and new promotions dedicated solely to the VIP player. Now that’s what we call

Casino Bonuses – the Lowdown

The most important piece of advice from us friendly folk at Wink Casino is that a player should always only ever take part in a bonus if you can complete the wagering requirement with ease. Always play within your means, and never, NEVER take a bonus you feel you cannot complete in the allocated time frame. While online casino bonuses can be beneficial to both the player and the casino, the operator employs bonuses to encourage players to sign up, and hopefully, become a lifetime player. we recommend taking your virtual shopping trolley and having a shop around to find the most suitable bonuses for you. This method isn’t just limited to casino’s either thankfully, you can get a lot of benefits for other areas of iGaming like golf, horse racing, football, and other sports betting types. This is also a great way of getting a feel for the sites which is always an added bonus.