Changing Online Casinos

Various Technologies are Changing Online Casinos Rapidly

The online casino world is one of the most dynamic and ever-changing industries in the last couple of years. Even now, when the world is hit by the worst pandemics since the Spanish flu, this industry continues to grow and create new trends. The huge boom in the rapid evolution of online casino games is caused by new tech trends, that are easily adaptable and influential in this industry. In this article, we will talk about the technologies that are affecting this industry today, and about the possible future trends. In 2020, the trends show that every casino games provider wants to offer their customers something unique, but also relevant for some occasion, such as Halloween slots, or games that depict some other holiday or tradition.

Gaming Software Development

One of the most obvious things that affect the online gambling industry is, of course, gaming software development. Back in the days, we all played mostly fruit or Egyptian theme slots, and that was about it. The design and interface were stuck in the 90s for too long, but developers didn’t want to change what was proved in the past. The industry continued its steady growth, until some modern developers, such as NetEnt or Playtech didn’t take matters into their own hands. With the demography of players changing, they decided to offer something more visually appealing to millennials. And – that worked! Suddenly, all online casino slots had to fulfill the ever-growing visual standards, and now it is really hard to expect that any new slot which doesn’t follow those new trends can make a significant success.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, or VR, is the most common thing we see in futuristic movies, and it seems that the future has finally arrived! VR was introduced to numerous industries, especially video gaming, in the last couple of years. Virtual reality is not something that is usually considered common in the online casino industry, but progressive developers followed their success stories with the improved design and interface of the newest slots and took the leap again. And, same as the last time, they enjoyed huge success. There are more and more casinos that are embracing this new technology and creating new casino games that incorporate virtual reality.

Mobile Technology

It may sound boring or obvious, but mobile technology development is also something that affects the online casino industry. We all know that every new smartphone model is better than the previous one and the evolution of mobile phones is still accelerating. We also know that mobile games are getting better and better, to the point where we can compare them to some PC games. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that mobile apps are getting fancier as well. Mobile development is important because of the acceleration of daily life. We are on the move more, we spend more time on our mobile phones and it is easier for us to use apps than programs on our personal computer. Also, we got used to browsing on our mobile phone, so why wouldn’t we play more casino games on mobile? That’s the trend we can see, and casino games providers recognized it. In 2020, there aren’t many serious casino games providers that don’t have an amazing mobile app available for download.


Blockchain is changing the whole world, not only the online gambling industry. However, it is completely natural that blockchain and cryptocurrencies found their place in online casinos. Just think about it – sadly, gambling is still a sort of taboo in many countries. People are embarrassed if they are called gamblers, and cryptocurrencies allow some anonymity to them, and also security. A few years ago, many people were afraid of making transactions online, because of the fear of fraud. In 2020, there are not many scammers lurking around online casinos like in the past, but security provided by cryptocurrencies is one of the most desirable things when betting online. Although many people thought that crypto is a trend that will be forgotten fast, tech geeks know that it is here to stay, and as far as the online gambling industry is concerned, we will certainly see further evolution of this technology.

Live Dealers

At the first glance, live dealers shouldn’t be something considered as the impact of the technology, but if you think about it, it is definitely an area that affects the industry dramatically. Live dealers are the trait that many gamblers use as the biggest reason why they chose one casino over another. Online casino sites usually hire beautiful girls for dealers and it seems that the casino which has more beautiful girls near the table wins this race for new customers. Of course, there are men who serve as dealers as well, and it proves that players usually want to play live games, with live dealers, and that isn’t THAT important to them who are dealing the cards.


As we can see, the advancement of technology is hugely affecting the online casino industry. From mobile development to VR, and from software development to the introduction of live dealers, every segment is bringing something new and vivid to our previously pale and simple casino games experience. In the future, the technologies will continue to develop, and some of the things that are still only starting to affect the industry will have a major stamp on future casino games.

Of course, it is never easy to predict where the future will guide us, but if we analyze the current data and trends, we can definitely say – the future is bright!