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Top Tips For Better Horse Racing Betting

Horse Racing Betting is not easy and often you may need the help of some tips to give you a winner.

Our horse racing tips are backed by a combination of proven statistics and years of valuable experience. The following article decodes some of our most tried and tested methods to give you the best chance of a win!

Horses for courses

Examining basic statistics such as trainer/ jockey combinations could help you find a winner that you may have otherwise overlooked. For example, would it change your opinion on a race if you discovered that a certain jockey’s chances of success rise by 40% when paired with a particular trainer?

Consider also why a trainer may have sent a horse a great distance across country to compete at a specific track. If the horse has won there several times previously, chances are you could be on to a winner, or on the same note, if the horse has refused there before then you might want to think again.

Watch the market movers

If a horse was well backed at it’s previous win, and it’s being well backed again, then chances are connections fancy it to come in. Keep track also of big market movers on horses that haven’t run well, if the conditions are the same and connections fancied it before, they could be expecting a big run.

Study the records

Checking the data on a race in advance of placing your bets can help to give you a real edge. Of course, anything is possible when it comes to horse racing, but having all of the information in front of you, provides you with the best possible chance for success.

Proven at trip – Finding out whether the horse has won previously at this distance, or been beaten out of site, gives you a good indication of its chances of success

Best in class – If a horse ran relatively well in Class 2 last time, but has since been moved to Class 3, it could be a good indication of a positive result.

Trainers – Simply put, if a trainer has a good record at a course, it’s highly likely to continue.

Jockeys – No one rides Ascot like Ryan Moore, and just like him, every jockey has a track they perform best at.

Horses – A ‘C’ next to a horse’s name means they’ve won at that track before, whilst ‘CD’ means they’ve won over both the course and distance.

Analyse training techniques

People are creatures of habit, and this is especially true when it comes to horse racing trainers. Although training practices and strategies have changed over the years, many of the most successful trainers will not stray from their usual methods.

Examining the way in which a horse is being trained can help you decipher where, when, and if they are likely to be successful. For example, if a trainer is travelling great distances in order to train a horse on a certain type of ground, when they usually stick to the same haunts, it should give you an indication of his investment/faith in that particular horse, as well as the type of track where it’s likely to succeed.

It’s easy to see that taking a bit of time to do your research, before stepping out to make a bet, can be the difference between a bad day and a big win. Combining these top tips will help to give you a clearer picture of the race and the best odds for success.

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