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Tipsters That Passed Live Tipster Trials And Proofing

Here is a list of proofed tipsters that ended my live trials in profit and therefore passed and show the potential of being very profitable going forward.

So if you are looking for proofed tipsters that can offer you a successful betting experience I suggest you consider any tipster on this list below.

Tipsters That Passed Proofing/Live Trials

Each of these tipsters passed the live trials that are sent out to my email newsletter subscribers (not subbed yet? do it for free today).

For each service, there is a breakdown of the number of selections advised how many winners, losers, nonrunners (void tips), how much was staked and what was returned in order to work out the overall profit or loss for the tipsters trial.

Rest assured these services passed and showed all the hallmarks of a good tipster service, I will tell you a little more about each one that’s passed below too.

There is a mixture of Horse Racing Tipsters and Football Tipsters mainly with the odd multi sports tipster thrown in.

proofed tipsters like daily trixies with live trial results

Daily Trixies

This is a horse racing tipster service that sends out three Trixie tips per day at stakes of £2 or £5. Now a Trixie, if you do not now, is three doubles and a treble so at £2 stakes each Trixie would cost £8 and at £5 they would cost £20.

Usually, most Trixies are a total of £8 with the odd £20 Trixie thrown in usually at shorter odds, You can expect to have to stake anything between £24 per day to £36 per day with this tipster.

Since it was launched in November 2020 it has had numerous winning Trixies (all 3 winners) and sits at an ROI well above 30% and a total profit since the launch of £6,499.68.

Selections: 39
Winners: 8
Losers: 31
Void: 0
Staked: £780
Returned: £881.91
Profit/Loss: +£101.91

Click Here To Try Daily Trixies for just £1 you can get a 7 day trial of this multiples tipster and your monthly membership is just £19 per month not bad for service which has a proven track record already. This is a proofed tipster worth following.

picksntips selections proofed tipsters

Picksntips Selections

Picksntips selections is a free horse racing tipster service, a little more volatile than most premium tipsters but have proven to be profitable over a long period and did also pass the live trial.

Selections: 26
Winners(includes places): 7
Losers: 19
Staked: £264
Returned: £569.25
Profit/Loss: +£305.25

Click Here to try Picksntips selections for FREE, yes this is a free horse racing tipster and to be fair he smashed the live trial with over £300 profit.

ag tips proofing

AG Tips

AG Tips is a pro tipster service for Horse Racing which comes in at £39 a month has an ROI above 20% consistently and profits in excess of £6700 at the time of proofing.

Selections: 14
Winners: 4
Losers: 10
Void: 0
Staked: £280
Returned: £315
Profit/Loss: +£35

Click Here To Try AG TIps as you can see the service passed the live trial but possibly not as convincing as most but it made a profit nonetheless and passed.

SVB Tips proofed tipsters

SVB Tips

What to say about SVB this is a service that has always impressed me, professional, consistent, and profitable, it’s listed as the most successful horse racing tipster for a reason.

The ROI of this service is over 13.3% when you consider it tips two sports, but its ROI for Horse Racing alone is over 35%, the service offers selections for Football, Horse Racing, Tennis, Darts, Rugby Union and Ice Hockey too.

Selections: 68
Winners: 17
Losers: 51
Void: 0
Staked £340
Returned: £384.85
Profit/Loss: +£44.85

Join SVB Tips Click Here this live trial only ran for less than a month but we still got to see just how successful it is, SVB is certainly one tipster for any bettors portfolio.



Penal07 is a Football tipster that passed the live trial with flying colours in a trial that lasted just a few weeks not even a whole month a massive profit was attained.

This tipster has also delivered massive profits based on his staking plan (bets are advised as £1 or £2 stakes which equate to £5 or £10) meaning you can almost 10x the profits on show if you did £10 stake son his tips, either way, this service is highly profitable.

Selections advised: 9
Won: 6
Lost: 3
Staked: £61
Returned: £172.44
Profit/Loss: +£111.44

Try this tipster Click Here this service is well worth a try and comes in at the lower end of the membership fees at just £19 per month.

talo bets review

Talo Bet

Talo Bets is a horse racing service that absolutely smashed the live trial in just over a week delivering over £580 in profits, added to that when you consider its proven track record of over a year now it’s certainly a tipster to keep on the right side of.

Selections: 14
Winners: 7
Losers: 5
Non-Runners: 2

Staked: £170
Returned: £751.90

Try this tipster Click Here another service that is very cheap with a week’s membership of £10 or a month at £19 it’s hardly going to break the bank, there are often trials on offer too at much lower prices.

365 tips proofing

365 Tips

365 tips are one of the most recent proofed tipsters to pass in March/April 2021, a service for Horse Racing that’s a little more aggressive than most with the number of selections so not for the faint of heart.

That being said it passed the trial well and has a proven track record with a profit of over £7000 and an ROI of 16.2% in the last 12 months alone (at the time of writing).

Selections: 82
Winners: 19
Losers: 63
Staked: £1630
Returned: £1746.15
Profit/Loss: +£116.15

Try this tipster Click Here for another £19 a month service that is worth a try, as I said this one gives a lot more selections each day so you will need the bankroll to go with it.

Intelligent Betting Review

Intelligent Betting

A free to join service for the tools and useful horse information daily such as Really Simple Ratings, Roys one for today, and the other horse data tools.

During the live trial of the Intelligent Betting selections which are available to premium members for as little as £9 per month. We had a lot of winners and a lot of profit and in the end, it was an easy pass for me.

Selections: 71
Winners: 31
Lost: 40
Void(non runner):
Staked: £710
Returned: £1106.58
Profit/Loss: +£396.58

Join Intelligent betting for free here for just £10+vat a month you can get daily access to the premium tips as well as a multitude of data which you can use to make your own selections, a very useful service indeed.

Tipsters Empire review

Tipsters Empire

Home to around 8 of the best horse racing tipsters you could ever come across in one place, Tipsters Empire is by far one of the best performing platforms and tipster services online in the UK at the moment.

Selections: 59
Winners: 13
Lost: 38
Void(non runner): 4
Staked: £795
Returned: £975
Profit/Loss: +£180

Bare in mind the above live trial was for their free tips only and the tips come from a mixture of their services, i ran the trial for 28 days and as you can see we finished at a health 18 points or £180 profit.

Click here to join Tipsters Empire’s free tips mailing list it wont cost you a thing

The full portfolio package is the best value should you choose to go in at the deep end but try the free tips first and I am confident you will want to stay on for a long time.

mega tipsters

Ambrose Value Tips

Ambrose is a horse racing tipster offering high price win and each-way selections, with around 1-3 selections each day and none on Sundays (in most cases).

Click here to find out more about Ambrose Value Tips

Selections: 25
Winners: 2
Lost: 20
Void(non runner): 3
Staked: £415
Returned: £462
Profit/Loss: +£42

To Join Any Of Megatipsters Services Click Here

This concludes the list of proofed and passed tipsters.

Proofed Tipsters Summary

I will add more tipsters that pass the live trials here as and when any services manage to do it, I have trialed a lot of tipsters with my newsletter subscribers, and as the OG’s of them will know not many tipsters pass these live trials to become proofed tipsters overall.

This does not indicate that services that fail are poor and services that pass will continue to win week in week out, every tipster goes through losing runs as well as winning ones, but it’s how consistent over long time periods they are.

That being said, most of these tipsters have proven track records of profitability on their websites for you to see and are solid options if you are looking to make a tax-free income from gambling (only gamble what you can afford to lose 18+ only remember).

Thanks for reading and be sure to share this list of tipsters that have passed proofing/live trials on social media as it helps support my work.