Tips for the FIFA World Cup – French Redemption

Tips for the FIFA World Cup – French Redemption

With the biggest tournament in the world around the corner, many fans and pundits will be giving their reviews of who to bet on. There are many people who think they are world cup tipsters but world cup tips are the best place to visit to get the experts opinions on who to put your money on. Everyone has their opinion on their favourite teams and players and your own knowledge and natural intuition should definitely play a part in placing bets on any match but the more information you have at your hands, the better.

The world cup is watched by hundreds of millions of fans from around the world. The beautiful game is bound to bring all the emotions out of us, from the ecstasy of watching your team scoring a thunderbolt of a goal in the dying minutes to the tears of sadness as your side concedes a last-second penalty to award the opposition the chance to win the game.

It seems that most pundits are tipping the following four teams as the favourites to win this years’ FIFA World Cup – Germany, Brazil, France and Spain. All four of these sides have strength in depth in their squads and that is a vital element when heading into these big cup competitions. In order to win the world cup, a side has to play 7 matches within one month. This can be very strenuous and a good coach will use all the players they have at their disposal in order to keep players happy and fresh. Football is a team sport and it is important that there is a good, positive feeling in the camp and all the player will have a certain role to play in the team. Out of the squads of 23 that are making their way to Russian, only 11 players can start the game and only three substitutes can make their way off the bench and onto the pitch. This means that there will be 9 players that have to stay patient and wait for their turn, but it is so important that these players do not cause any troubles in the camp, instead, it is crucial for them to be positive and supportive of their teammates that are in the starting line-up.

Remember back in the FIFA World Cup in 2010 when the French squad had some world-class players at their disposal and by all means, they should have been tipped as favourites to win the tournament in South Africa, however, there was a terrible vibe in their camp and there were many internal issues brewing. These internal issues eeked their way onto the pitch and the players were not performing to their best ability. Fighting between Evra, Anelka and coach Domenech was there for all to see as a video leaked of arguments and fighting in training. The French side was knocked out in the group phases and went home early with a terrible taste in their mouth. Could this year be their redemption?

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