The best online tipster betting tips, their origins & prices

The best online tipster betting tips, their origins & prices

Whether a newcomer or hobby bettor, they all have one thing in common: Everyone is grateful for accurate betting tips and Free Bets.

But the flood of information on the Internet blurs the essential point of view for serious online tipsters and fake tipsters. That’s why we give you a little help and explain here why you can trust OLBG.

1. OLBG (Let’s Beat The Bookies) 10/10

The site originating in England, which has existed since 2000, relies on an interesting approach that states that a large number of tipsters have a more certain prediction tendency than an individual who is more likely to be misjudged.

You should be familiar with this principle from the program “/”, for example.

All benefits at a glance

The site’s interface is attractive and user-friendly. You will immediately be taken to the mask on the home page, with which you can individually select tips such as the Bundesliga. So if you only want to receive tips about football or only about horse racing, how high your predictive reliability should be and how many tips you want to incorporate, that’s up to you.

You can then save your settings for the future under an individual name.

Please note that with dynamic systems it is difficult to bet with fixed specifications, as the prediction is canceled as soon as the game has started or ended.

Where do the tips come from?

OLBG is a free site on which thousands of OLBG online tipsters exchange information about their researched and analyzed results from hundreds of sports betting markets every day. Your daily predictions and conclusions will help you find the best tips for you.

Why we are convinced

Before, during, and after big games, OLBG leaves you alone with your betting tips but provides detailed analyzes through corresponding comments about participating players, game progress, etc. The site lives from online tipsters for tipsters and is based on the principle of quantity.

2. Betadvisor 9/10

Betadvisor is a network of worldwide, professional sports betting tipsters who specialize in the following sports:

• Soccer, basketball, baseball, handball, rugby, and American football

• Horse racing, tennis, and ice hockey

All benefits at a glance

Betadvisor is a platform for betting fans who want to get support from professional tipsters for a monthly surcharge or for free. You can determine exactly beforehand and for how long you will get your predictions.

The online tipsters are classified according to categories such as junior, senior, or full-price and predictions from tipster teams can even be received.

On top of that, you can set the betting tip rhythm before making your potential investment and arrange the amount offered by type of sport and profit. When you have made your selection, as a precaution you can still use the button to compare and see the exact history of the online tipsters with statistics and profit diagrams.

Where do the tips come from?

The website, which has existed since 2010, has proof that the professional online tipsters employed there have been helping their customers to be successful for years. The prices vary depending on the success story and level of awareness.

Why we are convinced

The international reputation and proven track record of the platform certainly help. In addition, the predictions can be set individually depending on the betting needs.

3. Betegy 8.5 / 10

Betegy is increasingly relying on an analysis of current factors, such as injuries, game progress, etc. To calculate the probability, a self-learning algorithm is fed with statistical data from the results of the top five European leagues. However, this is to be expanded in the future.

All benefits at a glance

To keep the probability of winning as high as possible, it is worthwhile to take a look at leading, international sites. Unfortunately, Betegy is not yet available in German, but the numbers in the betting tips speak for themselves.

In addition, visitors to the website can read insights into the company’s career on the provider’s blog, which is regularly updated, and read realistic assessments of previous tipster work.

Where do the tips come from?

Free and paid tips can be requested from professional online tipsters. The number of predictions varies from 15 to 70 per week, depending on the price.

Why we are convinced

To rely on numbers calculated by computers, which arise without any prejudice for a team etc., and are about 80% promising, gives you a feeling of security. Despite the highly developed technologies, the company appears close to the consumer and transparent, which is not the least due to the self-critical blog.

4. Livetipsportal 8/10

The Livetipsportal is a website that, in addition to betting tips calculated by the computer, also compares the various bookmakers and refers to opening offers. So here you are provided with all the most important information about betting.

All benefits at a glance

All betting tips from are based on the Livetipsportal betting index. The LWI is also the only football index that connects to the betting market and analyzes the odds-on offer. In addition, the website contains all kinds of useful articles about the usual bookmakers and FAQs on the subject of online betting, such as betting tax, etc.

Where do the tips come from?

The LWI analyzes all odds offered for the selected game and puts them in relation to the last ten results and performances of the competing teams. Some directional factors are home and away strength, goals scored & received, current form, game results, etc.

Results from the recent past are more important than results from a long time ago.

Why we are convinced

Because the selection of soccer predictions there is simply enormous! In addition, the probabilities calculated by the LWI are available to all betting fans free of charge.

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