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Royal Ascot Guide: Looking Beyond The Bets

The Royal Ascot takes place within the small town of Ascot, Berkshire within England. Within the area, there is a dual-purpose race course where the famous race track is. Every single year, it welcomes 600,000 people where they witness 26 wholesome days of racing every consecutive June of the British sporting calendar. The venue is extremely prestigious and has also managed to adapt to the social distances guidelines that were put forward by the government. With the Royal Ascot beginning on the 15th of June this year, only a few thousand racegoers will be permitted to watch live from the tracks each and every day. While it is a historic race that is treasured within British history, today will unravel all the details that are often made unaware of to the general public and fans of this famous event.

In addition to this, of course, there are Royal Ascot offers available so you can gamble as well as enjoy the days to come this year. This event certainly deserves any wanting gamblers attention, as it really does kick up quite the fuss each and every year!

It’s a Very Royal Racecourse 

You heard us, right folks, this race course, and event is famous for its ties to the royal family. While hosted in June, her Royal Majesty II makes it no secret how much she enjoys and loves the horses. In fact, she attends pretty much every year, and it makes complete sense, given that the 179-acre racecourse is actually leased from the Crown Estate anyway and is only 6 miles from Windsor Castle.

The Royal Ascot evolved from its original four-day race, held way back in 1768. That event was the aim of the Gold Cup, and that was the centralised goal and attraction for all participants. It was the third day of this race event that enticed the most spectators and crowds for their support.

The Royal meeting to attend the course often occurs for the main event at 2pm. The Queen will often arrive with the National Anthem being played back to her no less, and there will be a buzz and atmosphere which takes over the entire day, due to her presence. The area where the Queen sits is where all of high society and socialites sit around too. There is no secret that the dress code and elegance that comes along to the event, particularly in that area where the queen amongst others sit, will scream elegance in every sense.

Of course, whichever jockey is able to gain a victory during this event, will also find themselves landing the highly esteemed grand money prize of £6 million. So it certainly is one of the finest horse races in all the world. It makes sense those in attendance would want to dress, to impress.

Strict Dress Codes

If you did not know this, while the royals of course will be royal and dress extravagantly, if you plan on attending events at the Ascot, you will need to adhere to the dress code put in place. The dress code differs depending on the race you attend, and the enclosure. The dress code is often a modest and formal kind of daywear, and it is often encouraged for women to wear hats too. Many of the big brands that have showcased their fashion contributions for event attendees at the Ascot, include Rachel Trevor Morgan and Philip Treacy who has an OBE for her contributions to the field of design and couture within the community. 

Races and Events at the Ascot 

Besides the fame that this race course has for the royal attendees, other events such as the Commonwealth Cup, Kings Stand Stakes, etc. take place here. During the many years the Ascot has managed to host such flat races, there have been many exquisite horse talents that have come to light and shone boldly. Examples include Frankel, Dancing Brave, and Sagaro.

The Jump season also takes place here, from October up until March where there are a series of 8 days of jumping throughout. This event welcomes any famous jump horses into participating. There are famous examples such as Arkle, Sprinter Sacre, and Desert Orchid.

Enclosures Available

You may recognise how we referred to dress codes in relation to the enclosures up above, there are actually 7 of them that are available for visitors to have access to. They cater to top-end services and hospitality, to basic standard facilities. Of course, any attendees will decide which enclosure they socialise in, and that will depend on the depths of your wallet and how deep you wish to go!

The Royal enclosure, for example, is only accessible by invitation only, as the Royal family uses this enclosure for their socialising and dining activities. Anybody entering the Royal enclosure will need to adhere to the strictest of dress codes and be prepared to witness the best views that the race course can provide. All celebrities and famous individuals who happen to attend upon invitation, due to ties with the Royals, find themselves sitting in the best seats in the house.

Alternatively, those with no ties to the Royals, they may find that the second-best views can be found within the village enclosures. It is often referred to as the best place for the younger generation, due to the dress code being far more relaxed and the atmosphere is ‘festival-like’ too. You will find there are pop-up bars, with relaxed dining and many alternative options to enjoy-even more luxurious dining compartments too. Ascot is certainly the place to be!