Profiting From Your Love of the Game

Profiting From Your Love of the Game

Profiting from your love of the game doesn’t have to be a dream.

We all want to beat the bookies, don’t we? There are literally thousands of tips sites and accounts online these days, all claiming to be better than the rest. Some of them taste ‘success’ in this field, on and off. However, for a sustained period of profit-making in sports betting, you need a reliable site that gives you solid data-based predictions on a regular basis.

The good news is that, whether you like to gamble online or use the old-fashioned brick-and-mortar bookmakers, there are sites that provide great information for several different betting markets.

Today, we’re going to focus on football betting and what to look for in a site when looking for assistance in sports gambling.

What Are the Odds You Find a Site That Works for You?

There’s no problem with aiming high when it comes to a sports betting tips site. It’s your money, after all, that you’re working with.

What’s important is knowing what you are looking for before beginning your search. Such websites compile all the football data and stats and pump out the most reliable and easy-to-follow information for betting fans everywhere.

If you haven’t come across this before, we suggest you give sites like these a try, like yesterday. These guys have shown in recent months a significant return on investment for the football betting markets they have tipped on.

A quick look at what’s on offer on those pages shows you just how user-friendly a site should be. You may have thought that any site dealing with figures and statistics would be boring and, more worryingly, difficult to understand. Well, you’ll be glad to know that that’s not the case with Oddshound.

What’s on Offer at Oddshound?

How long have you got?! At Tipstrr, pages upon pages of the best, most well-informed, data-based football tips are available to you every single day.

In any given fixture, you’ll see the probabilities of a home win, a draw, or a victory for the away team. There will also be a guide on the likelihood of over or under 2.5 goals in a game. These figures are not just plucked out of the sky either. They are based on a proven machine-learning algorithm allowing them to accurately predict the outcome. You’d be amazed how many times these systems are accurate.

For each game, there will also be some insights offered, such as information on each team’s recent form, their in-form players, and how previous head-to-head matches have turned out between those two opponents.

Football Betting Tools

Here are just a few of the other handy betting tools you may find at useful sports betting information sites…

Odds Convertor – depending on what part of the world you began your sports betting ‘career’, you will have familiarised yourself with a certain odds format. There is the Decimal format, used mainly outside the US, UK, and Ireland. The fractional odds system is the primary format in the UK and Ireland. American odds are used in, well, America.

A good odds converter will help you to ‘translate’ the odds you are viewing on a betting slip or a website to a format you are more comfortable with.

Bet Size Calculator – this helps you to calculate the optimal risk-adjusted amount to place on a bet based on Kelly’s formula. If you’re not familiar with Kelly’s formula in betting, you should check it out.

Best Prices – sites can also display the best odds on specific matches/markets. You will see what odds are on offer at various bookmakers and choose which one you want to go with.

Hundreds of Leagues – whether you are used to gambling on lesser-known football leagues from around the globe, you can do so while collaborating with a good betting information site. Using the visually represented data presented to you, it’s now possible to make informed decisions about games and markets you previously would never have considered.

Profiting From Your Love of the Game – Take Stock of Your Own Betting Limitations

There are some guidelines to stick by when it comes to sports betting. Let’s keep it simple and to the point… only ever gamble an amount that you can afford to potentially lose. We can equip you as best we can with data and statistics but you, and you alone, know the limits of your own wallet. Don’t just throw money at random bets and markets. Do your research. There is no excuse anymore to not know the probability of your desired outcome. Based on how likely or unlikely it is, take care with your stake amount.

Profiting From Your Love of the Game is not straightforward so remember to …Have fun but when the fun stops, stop!

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