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Preakness Stakes 2019 Betting Tips And Tricks

The second jewel of the Triple Crown Series which is the Preakness Stakes will kick -off forty-eight days from now. Dubbed as “The Run for the Black-Eyed Susans”, this is a race of three-year-old thoroughbred races competing in the first-grade category. Preceded by the Kentucky Derby and succeeded by the Belmont Stakes, Preakness Stakes will surely be attended by more than twenty horse racers across the country.

Furthermore, Preakness Stakes will be on its 144th edition holding its final leg in the Pimlico race track of Baltimore, Maryland. A month ago, Stronach Group, the land developers of Pimlico race course had announced that Preakness Stakes will be moved to a different location next year. They have said that the will find a new home in Laurel Park which is 5-mile away from Pimlico. Belinda Stronach, the chairman of the Stronach group highlighted that the movement of Preakness to Laurel will pave a way for them to develop a more profitable business opportunity within the Baltimore locale.

While Preakness Stakes is in danger of leaving the Pimlico race track this year, the Preakness organizers are still doing their best to showcase an incredible horse racing showdown in June. Apart from that, bettors are still on their best put forward preparing for their entries to wage on the Preakness Day. Hence, if you are an avid horse racing fan and hasn’t completed your list yet of the entries you would like to bet, let us show you some realistic tips on how you can bet on the 2019 Preakness Stakes.

Disregard The Longshots

Unlike the Kentucky Derby race where most winners win by long shots, the Preakness Stakes is different. The Kentucky Derby is always seen to have winners who have been doing best in long shots and bettors are convinced by the fact that this also goes the same in the Preakness Stakes. If you think of this way, then think again.

Throughout the history of Preakness Stakes, entries that do not earn much bet to reach the finish line in a long shot are mostly the winners. This has been observed in the history of Preakness and most winners recorded comes as a surprise. In this case, you may be able to bet for the type of entry which does you think who will surprisingly win.

Lastly, betting in the Preakness Stakes 2019 can be done in various ways. Bet Preakness Stakes Online is the most popular method of betting. Make sure that once you bet online, you look for a legit bookmaker at the same time legal gambling sites where you can register so you will ultimately be paid once you win.

Don’t Mind The Front Runners

In sports like football or baseball where they only offer a straight bet, most bettors tend to wage for their most favorite team. It may sound a little rude, but betting in a horse racing should not deem any loyalty at all. Bear in mind that a horse racing tournament is composed of more than 20 entries competently running in a racetrack and your favorite might not be able to make it.

Also, front runners may not win in most cases. The best thing you can do to make sure that you will have a profitable betting is by reviewing the previous forms of each entry. Study them carefully and ensure that you know the previous standings of each horse racer. In this way, you might have a bigger chance of winning.

Choose For Entries Who Ran In Kentucky Derby

For the entire existence of the Preakness Stakes, most horse entries who made it on top are the entries coming from the Kentucky Derby. Consider that Preakness Stakes is a second major leg of the Triple Crown Series and all Kentucky Derby entries who won will surely be the front-runners in Preakness too.

If you are a wise better and wants to take in profitable betting, always bet for the horse entries who were winners in the Kentucky Derby. This is for the reason that if a horse racer wins the Kentucky Derby, he has earned those bragging rights and continuously train to earn the Preakness title and possibly be the Triple Crown Winner.

Family Does Matter

If you have done research in the past, most Triple Crown winners are being trained by the same trainers who have been big winners in major horse racing shows. It means that they belong to one family which is a family of winners and each horse trainer are applying the same winning techniques in all their entries.

In this case, if you bet for an entry coming from the family of winners, you more likely to win. At the same time, don’t forget that each trainer is working the horse’s full capability of becoming a winner that’s why your family always matter.