penal07 review

Penal07 Review

Penal07 Review
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Penal07 is a tipster service offering selections for Football, Basketball and other sports, A very selective approach sometimes with just a few selections each week but highly rpofitable so far.


Highly profitable Selective Easy to follow


Sometimes no selections for a while

Welcome to this Penal07 review, below this you can add your own reviews too, let’s take a look at if this multi-sports tipster can deliver results long-term.

Penal provides tips for Football, Basketball, and sometimes other sports too.

Firstly it’s worth pointing out that I live trialed this tipster with my email subscribers (not joined yet? it’s free) and the results were very good (see below).

Penal07 Trial Results

Trial Days: 7
Selections advised: 9
Won: 6
Lost: 3
Staked: £61
Returned: £172.44
Profit/Loss: +£111.44

Penal07 Review

Lets take a look at penal07’s vital statistics before we go into anything else.

Service Name: penal07

Tipping Style:  Very selective (around 10 tips per week)

Service Price: 1 Month is £19 or 3 Months is £45

Platform: Website/Email/App

Profitable: Yes

Hosted By: Tipstrr

Service Headline: “penal07 has made £607.22 profit in the last 3 months across 117 Football and Basketball tips (roughly 9 tips per week), based on an average stake of £10 (9/10 units) giving an average monthly profit of £200.89”

Where To Join:

Average Number Of Selections Per Month: 30 to 40 on average

Money-Back Guarantee: NO

Penal07 is ultra selective and mainly focuses on Football in the Spanish leagues and Basketball tips for the NBA.

Mainly very successful in Spanish football and has a strike rate for some leagues above 70% which is impressive.

Currently has an ROI of above 50% which is insane, obviously, that could change.

Overall penal07 seems the real deal and though he has been around years sometimes there are no selections for a while, this could be the only thing to put me off.

That said he has offered selections throughout June, July, and August and is offering a 7-day trial for free so it’s well worth a look.

Get your free 7 day trial of penal07’s tips here

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