Overpriced Horse Tips Review

Overpriced Horse Tips Review

Overpriced Horse Tips Review
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Proven track record and a very cheap 2 weeks trial option currently which is worth taking advantage of, A horse racing tipster to keep on the right side of.


Good trial option

Proven profitable long term


Price after trial

Welcome to my Overpriced Horse Tips review. This is a highly successful and established tipster for horse racing from Sports Betting Stars tipping network.

Been going now for over 6 years Overpriced Horse Tips has certainly made a name for itself delivering over £19,000 of profit and an average ROI of over 23%.

Service Name: Overpriced Horse Tips

Headline: “Overpriced Horse Tips is the longest standing service on Sports Betting Stars having being active since 2013”

Service Cost: 14-Day Free Trial. £29/Month, £79/Quarter, £299/Year

Where To Join: Overpriced Horse Tips Homepage

Platform: Sports Betting Stars

Tip Frequency: 1-2 Tips per day

overpriced horse tips review info

Overpriced Horse Tips Review

Overpriced Horse Tips has been going since 2013 and has continually delivered profits for its members. This is an impressive record as you will see.

Below is a breakdown of results since this tipster service began and it really does make good reading.

MonthProfit £10 stakesProfit £25 stakes
Jan 2013+£690.80+£1727
Feb 2013+£114.50+£286.25
Mar 2013+£417+£1042.50
Apr 2013+£353.30+£883.25
May 2013+£260.70+£651.75
Jun 2013+£170+£425
Jul 2013+£33.50+£83.75
Aug 2013-£13.70-£34.25
Sept 2013+£248.50+£621.25
Oct 2013-£65-£162.50
Nov 2013+£315+£787.50
Dec 2013+£55+£137.50
Jan 2014-£57.50-£143.75
Feb 2014-£157.50-£393.75
Mar 2014+£235+£587.50
Apr 2014£0£0
May 2014+£65+£162.50
Jun 2014+£102+£255
Jul 2014£0£0
Aug 2014+£5+£12.5
Sept 2014+£330.80+£827
Oct 2014-£111.70-£279.25
Nov 2014-£75-£187.50
Dec 2014+£127+£317.50
Jan 2015+£316+£790
Feb 2015-£70-£175
Mar 2015+£335+£837.50
Apr 2015+£150+£375
May 2015+£336.70+£841.75
Jun 2015+£69+£172.5
Jul 2015-£70-£175
Aug 2015-£59.70-£149.25
Sept 2015+£ 707.50+£1768.75
Oct 2015+£30+£70
Nov 2015+£113.30+£283.25
Dec 2015-£101–£252.5
Jan 2016+£12.1+£30.25
Feb 2016-£80-£200
Mar 2016+£139.10+£347.75
Apr 2016-£340-£850
May 2016-£43-£107.50
Jun 2016+£120+£300
Jul 2016+£196+£490
Aug 2016+£124.50+£311.25
Sept 2016+£117.50+£293.75
Oct 2016+£20+£50
Nov 2016+£265+£662.50
Dec 2016+£45+£112.50
Jan 2017+£340+£850
Feb 2017+£270+£675
Mar 2017+£495+£1237.50
Apr 2017-£120-£300
May 2017+£170+£425
Jun 2017-£60-£150
Jul 2017+£180+£450
Aug 2017+£135+£337.50
Sept 2017+£230+£575
Oct 2017-£75-£187.50
Nov 2017-£5-£12.50
Dec 2017+£115+£287.50
Jan 2018+£120+£300
Feb 2018+£145+£362.5
Mar 2018+£215+£537.5
Apr 2018-£220-£550
May 2018+£10+£25
Jun 2018+£180+£450
Jul 2018+£430+£1075
Aug 2018-£100-£250
Sept 2018+£69+£172.5
Oct 2018-£155-£387.5
Nov 2018-£130-£325
Dec 2018-£175-£437.5
Jan 2019-£50-£125
Feb 2019+£32.5+£81.25
Mar 2019+£310+£775
April 2019-£58.5-£146.25
May 2019+£426.5+£1066.25
June 2019+£173+£432.5
Running Total+£7973.2+£19933
 Overpriced horse tips profit loss chart
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Claim a 2 week free trial of Overpriced Horse Tips here

Ultra consistent for a Horse Racing tipster and a steep upward curve over the years speaks for itself really.

Very easy to follow with just 1-2 tips sent out per day and sent out in good time usually the day before or on the morning of the day’s racing.

Selections are sent straight to your email inbox so all you need to do is check your emails in the evening and place your bets to get maximum value odds-wise.

At the time of writing Overpriced Horse Tips has a fantastic ROI of 24% but has been consistently around that figure now for years.

A smaller betting bank of just 75 points or more is advised for Overpriced Horse Tips and all of the selections are advised as win only.

Stake wise each win bet is advised as a 1-point win.

With all Sports Betting Stars this service also comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee should you not be completely happy with it.

Claim a 2 week free trial of Overpriced Horse Tips here

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