Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack And How It Works

The 17th century book by Charles Cotton titled “The Complete Gamester” provides one of the earliest accounts of a game that closely resembles the game of blackjack. The book mentions a game called “Bone Aces”, a gambling game that can be likened to the modern day blackjack.

In Bone Aces, the Aces can be represented by a couple of values, namely “1” or “11”, which is similar to today’s blackjack game. Also, the face cards of Jacks, Queens and Kings are represented by a value of “10”, which is also the same as a traditional blackjack game.

However, while a “Bust” in contemporary blackjack is a “Hand” with a value greater than “21”, a “Bust” in “Bone Aces” is a “Hand” with a value greater than “31”. Online Blackjack is the virtual form of this age-old casino gambling game that is also called “21” because this is the combined card value that makes up a blackjack.

Basic Online Blackjack Rules

Online Blackjack can be played on virtual casinos either on demo mode or for real money. Whenever you play blackjack on demo mode, you are not placing any bets or earning any money.

However, when you play real money online blackjack, you will be placing real bets with the hope of landing real earnings. Before you can play real bets though, you will need to first and foremost register with the online casino and fund your gaming account. Some online casinos also offer enticing welcome bonus packages that help to boost the money in your account.

Playing blackjack online is similar to playing blackjack in any land-based casino. For starters, the online version of this game also makes use of a regular deck of cards in the same way as the brick and mortar version. As mentioned before, Aces come in either the value of “1” or “11” while the face cards are valued at “10” points each and the other playing cards are valued at face value. So if you have 5 of Hearts, for example, the value of your card will be “5” points.

As you launch a live online blackjack game on a casino gambling website, you will be playing against a live dealer who serves up a “Hand” consisting of a couple of playing cards each (i.e. 2 cards per player and 2 cards for the dealer). After serving up the cards, the dealer and players can either play a “Hit” (i.e. request for additional cards) or “Stand” (i.e. retain the two cards first served).

The suits of the deck of cards do not count for anything in the traditional game of blackjack and this is also the same with the online version. The main objective of playing blackjack whether in a Las Vegas style casino or online, is to have a combined “Hand” that is better (i.e. greater in value points) than the dealer. However, the maximum allowed combined value points in a blackjack game is “21”.

If your “Hand” consists of a Jack (which has a value of 10 points) and an Ace (which can assume a value of 11 points), you have a total combined value point of “21” which is a blackjack.

In the same game, where the dealer’s “Hand” consists of 2 of Diamonds and a King (which has a value of 10 points), it means that the total value of the dealer’s “Hand” is “12” and you win because you have a blackjack and a better points total. However, if this the dealer’s combined card value is also “21” (a blackjack), then you have a “Tie” game. But if the total combined value of the cards in your “Hand” is greater than “21” points, then you have a “Bust” and you lose the game.

Basic Rules for Dealers:

  • A dealer typically “Stands” on a “Hand” of “17” or more.
  • With a soft “Hand” of “17” (i.e. where the dealer has a “Hand” consisting of an Ace), the dealer will “Hit”.
  • The dealer “Stands” with a “Hand” ĺthat is not less than “17”, but not more than “21”.

Basic Rules for Players:

  • Players have to place their bets right before the dealer serves up a “Hand”.
  • Players can decide to “Hit”, “Stand”, “Split” or even “Double Down” when it’s their turn to play. A win occurs when a player’s “Hand” is better than that of the dealer or when the dealer “Bust” (i.e. has a “Hand” that is greater than “21” points).

Online Blackjack Layout

The layout of an online blackjack table is similar to that of a brick and mortar casino. Typically you have the following features available;

  • Dealer’s Card region: This is the region on which the dealer’s card are served.
  • Player’s Card region: This is a circular, square or rectangular shaped region on which player’s cards are served up.
  • Card Shoe: The card shoe is where the playing cards are served from once a game begins.
  • Player Action Option Buttons: The action option buttons clearly state the different possible playing decisions that a player can choose to take. The action option buttons include; “Fold”, “Double Down”, “Hit”, “Split”, “Stand” and “Surrender”.
  • Chips: This is a slider with positive (+) and negative (-) indicators used to determine a player’s size of chips.

In Conclusion

In a typical online blackjack game, having a blackjack “Hand” comes with a payout of 3:2 while having a greater “Hand” earns you a 2:1 payout. In the event of a dealer “Bust”, you have a 1:1 payout or what is also known as “even money”.

Finally, there are many variants of online blackjack, but popular amongst these variants include; Pontoon, Live Dealer Blackjack, Perfect Pairs Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, and Spanish “21”.