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New to horse race betting? – Some beginner info for you

If you bet regularly on sports like basketball, football etc., please be aware that betting on horse races is an entirely different experience. However, horse race betting does seem slightly daunting and complicated to people who have never done it in the past.

Everyone normally thinks that betting on horses is about picking a horse you expect to win, and then punting on it at some popular and trustworthy platform like Sbat, but please know that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

There’s a lot more to horse race betting than predicting the winner of the race! You must stay constantly on top of the race-related events on a websites like amongst others, and place your bets after factoring in a lot of things.

Let’s now acquaint you with some of the fundamentals of betting on horse races, and facts you should know about.

Each way betting

It’s a fundamental type of horse race bet that you should know about. If you bet only on the horse expected to win the race, it is only natural that you’d lose more than win on most occasions. For instance, it’s fairly hard to predict who’d win the upcoming 2000 guineas.

Betting each way implies that your bet will consist of two different components. While on one hand you’d bet on the horse you expect to come out on top, the second component would be about predicting the place that the horse would get in the race. The second component can serve as a caution in case you miss out on the winner’s prediction.

Tricast betting

On the days that you are feeling highly optimistic about your chances, tri-cast betting is something that you must definitely try out, no matter which race in the world you have to punt on. This type of bet involves picking up 3 horses out of the entire lot and then predicting their position at the end of the race. You’d essentially need to predict the winner of the race, the runner-up, and the horse that will come in the third position.

Please note, it isn’t enough to simply predict the horses that will finish among the top 3, you must guess their exact position. The need of being so accurate makes tri-cast betting even more challenging and exciting.

Imagine the fate of punters who had bet on Always Dreaming, Lookin At Lee, and Battle of Midway in Kentucky Derby 2017, but in the reverse order! Those horses indeed finished in the top 3, but Always Dreaming came first, Lookin At Lee second, and Battle of Midway third!

That’s why you must save tri-cast betting only for the days when you’re sure that luck is totally on your side!

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Trixie bets

Well, you punted on a single horse, then on multiple horses in the same race, now you should venture into betting on multiple horses in different races. This is what Trixie bet is all about. Although it seems slightly complicated, its working is very simple. You must pick 3 horses you think would win their corresponding individual races. This means that there would be 3 different races on your betting slip, all of them combined into one single big bet.

So as to win your Trixie bet, you must get at least two out of three predictions right. In case you do, you’d take home some really handsome winnings!