Irish Greyhound Racing Set For Betting Broadcast Surge

Irish Greyhound Racing Set For Betting Broadcast Surge

The desire to watch and access greyhound racing has reached fever pitch since thousands of people across the country are delving into this particular form of gambling at soaring rates. The exposure this sport has over many competing disciplines is fairly sparse in comparison, but that is starting to change as a large number of betting shops across the UK and Ireland are starting to broadcast morning sessions from some of the leading greyhound races.  

Many of the leading greyhound tipster websites and established bookmakers will be keeping close tabs on the recent developments since the increase in exposure could shift more attention to this particular form of betting. With so many events that take place over the year, betting shops are going to experience even higher customer levels as people flock to watch the most important competitions over the course of 2019.

This is already in full swing, with a number of brand new morning sessions being staged towards the latter stages of 2018. The very first edition was the Kilkenny staged at Kilcohan Park which started at 8.18 am in the morning. People across the UK and Ireland were able to witness the event within over 4,000 different betting shops.

The increase in exposure has been provided courtesy of the SIS broadcasting system, which is an exclusive platform that gives leading bookmakers access to live streams online. This particular organisation already have the broadcasting rights for a number of key events during the racing calendar, which includes the events held at Youghal, Tralee, Mullingar, Cork and Limerick.

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Some of the biggest names working at SIS are thrilled that they are able to build on the already increasing popularity of Irish greyhound racing, and hope that their platform can continue to see the sport grow even further.

One of the primary advocates is a leading member of The Irish Greyhound Board, Joe Lewins, who commented: “The early meetings will be a new opportunity to showcase the Irish racing product to the SIS audience.”

He further added:” We want to build on the success of the meetings that are currently being broadcast throughout Ireland and the UK. We will continue to promote the product so that Irish greyhound racing can benefit from those exposures and revenues.”

The recent agreement that SIS has managed to get in place means they are able to broadcast over 1,500 races a year within betting shops. They also hope to capture the international market, using a low latency platform that can be broadcasted to a whole host of brand new territories from around the world.

You will be able to enjoy live streams within betting shops and also within the luxury of your own home with live online broadcasts. This means the level of accessibility to the sport and the betting options available have never been at such a high level.

It will be interesting to see how this new found level of exposure will benefit Irish greyhound racing over the coming year. With more people being enticed to the world of gambling, there is every reason to believe that this new innovation will capture the increasing market and take the sport to the next level.