well do you know the ufc

How well do you know the UFC?

Ever since 1993, the UFC has been going strong with martial artists in their prime entering the octagon to prove their worth in a clash of champions.

But how well do you know the events history? Most people know that the first UFC event was a far cry from the modern series, in UFC 1 the combatants were all masters of a certain style and the competition was intended to find which style was the best – the winner of this showdown was the legendary Royce Gracie who established a firm place for Jiujutsu in the world of the UFC and in MMA in general.

Since then a number of challengers and champions have squared off in the Octagon with many famous faces, Frank Mir, Cro Cop, Anderson Silva, and more, all competing at the top of their game. Even now, there’s a match brewing between a returned Connor McGregor and the current Featherweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The Khabib McGregor Odds paint a picture of an evenly matched fight that should be a real edge of your seat clash, though Khabib is the very slight favourite with odds of 4/6 VS McGregor’s 6/5.

McGregor is a bit of a divisive quantity in the UFC, his caustic pre-match talk and general personality is matched by an ability that sets him apart from other competitors. In fact, McGregor has a claim to fame that few others in the UFC can make. Can you guess what it is?

Going forward there will be some huge fights to keep an eye on, Mcgregor can he go the distance with some of the big fighters we will see.