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Horse Racing In Pennsylvania – A Beginner’s Guide

Just like here in the United Kingdom, horse racing is incredibly popular within the United States and with restrictions now being lifted across the country, the sight of returning punters through the turnstiles is one that is highly welcomed.

For those who have missed the sights and smells of the racetrack, such a return is long overdue and although more seasoned punters will be ready to test their gambling acumen once again, this could also be the ideal opportunity in which to welcome new fans to the sport.

Because in such testing times as these, many people have opened their horizons and said to themselves that now is the time to try something new, something such as attending a live horse racing event.

These events are guaranteed fun from start to finish and with the potential to return home with more money than you left with, the appeal of placing an equine wager or two is obviously highly appealing.

Of course, the world of betting can be a rather confusing one at times and the jargon that is involved within the industry can also be enough to put potential bettors off, as they simply do not understand what they need to do.

Jargon that racetracks are now looking to simplify, in a bid to get more people through the gates and in states such as Pennsylvania, it has never been easier to place a wager in a bid to strike it rich at the track.

With the advancement of technology and the relaxation of state gambling laws, it now means that you can not only place bets at the racetrack but also from the comfort of your home or while on the move with your mobile.

There are many horse racing events that are covered by Pennsylvania online gambling sites and with such a large number of cards being made available, there is a depth of choice when it comes to backing your favorite horse.

While for those who are not au fait with betting terminology but still want to place a bet at an upcoming race, the tip is to keep your choice rather simple and when it comes to betting in Pennsylvania, these are the best three ways in which to do so.

Win Bet: As simple as the name suggest, you pick your horse to win and nothing less. Bigger odds may be on offer, although there is absolutely no margin for error here.

Place Bet: Here there is a small margin of error, in that the horse you back can finish in either first or second place. However, with this element of insurance in place, lesser odds will be on offer.

Show Bet: Similar to the Place bet, although here a third-place finish is also considered a winner. Again though, with extra options on offer, there is less in terms of odds.

Selecting any of these three options should give you a solid entry point into the world of Pennsylvania gambling which is increasing a lot these past years and once you’ve tested your mettle on a number of horse races, you can begin to expand your horizons somewhat.

One way to do that, is by opting for a Daily Double. With it being similar to the Win bet, it is a little harder at the same time. If only because you need to select two winners in successive races, and this is not quite as easy as it sounds.

While if you really want to put your money where your mouth is, you can expand on the double above and go for a Pick. Pick any number of races, for example three would mean you have opted for a Pick 3 and select your hopeful winner in each.

Should the trio of thoroughbreds all get over the line first, then the odds will accumulate with each other, and this will mean the potential for a cash injection will have increased substantially. Of course, the higher the Pick number, the higher the odds and potential winnings also.

Armed with this information, this should provide those within Pennsylvania or those hoping to travel there in the near future, the knowledge and confidence to place a bet at the track and who knows, you may end up winning big along the way.