Goal Profits Review

Goal Profits Review – How To Make Money Online From Betting

Welcome to this Goal Profits Review, is this one of the best football trading services for newbies? We will find out as we see what is on offer from their online trading courses. Created by Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick in 2011 after winning a football tipping competition.

Firstly you can try Goal profits for just £1 and you will get access to the following in the £1 trial offer.

  • A comprehensive, exclusive, and frequently updated Betfair trading system
  • Unique trading tools that help you ‘up’ your game, including:
  • The brand new Live Stats Module and Custom Shortlist Pro tools
  • Team stats tools that make researching trading opportunities a breeze
  • An updated Launchpad football trading training course for beginners
  • A number of different trading strategies that are proven to be profitable
  • A friendly and consistently successful community offering trading workshops, tips, and other social events
  • A second-to-none level of support

There are a number of useful tools available with Goal Profits including teams stats and league tables, these options give the following live stats module data

  • Over 1.5 goals
  • Over 2.5 goals
  • Scored
  • Conceded
  • Both Team Scored
  • Goals First Half
  • Goals Second Half
goal profits live stats module
An example of the live stats module

Very useful for football trading and allows you to see some data that you may not have considered before picking your trade. Giving you more information before you bet is always a good thing as sometimes you may back a team to beat another side that has never beaten them in 20 years, but you wouldn’t know that unless someone told you.

Other useful information tables on offer are

  • First Half
  • Second Half
  • Home Attack v Away Defense
  • Away Attack v Home Defense
  • Goals Home
  • v Top Half
  • v Bottom Half

Will Using Goal Profits Make You A Master Trader On Football

Becoming a pro trader will take a lot of time, learning, and information, this won’t turn you into a master trade making thousands a day overnight.

Goal Profits however can give you some very useful tools and knowledge to help you go from a complete beginner at football trading to an intermediate trader pretty fast, but again you will have to put the time in sifting through info and finding that perfect trade.

There are live trading sessions hosted by the creators of Goal Profits from time to time and some may find these advised trades highly useful, the main draw for most however is their trading strategies.

The following trading strategies are available to members of Goal Profits with more being added all the time.

The Beginner strategies are;

  • First Half Lay the Draw
  • Second Half Lay the Draw
  • 65/75 Goal Strategy
  • Magical 2-2 (scoreline)

The Intermediate strategies are;

  • First Half 0-0
  • 1.5 Goals Second Half
  • Lead During First 20 Minutes
  • Goal In Last 15 Minutes
  • Correct Score Strategy 3
  • Correct Score Strategy 4

The Advance strategies are;

  • Goal Value Tables
  • Asian handicap
  • ‘Contra Betting’ (Basically an opinion option)
  • Advanced Correct Score Strategy 3

As you can see they go from beginner to advanced so if you are completely new to football trading start with the beginner’s strategies and work your way up. It’s possibly best to “paper trade” or write down what you would have traded, and see if it’s profitable or not before using your real money.

Don’t expect the strategies to do all the hard work though consider them as useful tools to hone your trading skills, put the time in and it could help you find a rewarding hobby or for the real pros a career.

goal profits review result
Goal Profits has won many awards over the years

Goal Profits Membership Fees

Goal Profits charges the following fees after the £1 trial, so if you are finding the trial very useful it’s possibly wise to sign up for the quarterly or annual memberships to save the most money long term.

  • Monthly Membership for £39.95
  • Quarterly Membership for £99
  • Annual Membership for £365

You are under no obligation to stay on after the trial, however, and this service won’t be for everyone of course.

Members get instant access to the following options:

PROFITABLE TRADING STRATEGIES – a comprehensive portfolio full of winning formulas.

LAUNCHPAD – updated training resources to help beginners learn trading from the ground up, improving understanding and results.

LIVE STATS MODULE – track live stats of in-play games to highlight which teams are actively trying to score (or not)… easily monitor many games to grasp trading opportunities.

TEAM STATS – research and analysis is MUCH quicker than with any other tool out there: save time, access more matches, and base trades on more detailed and accurate information.

CUSTOM SHORTLIST PRO – have a conversation (literally!) with Team Stats; build customised shortlists with filters that highlight trading opportunities quickly and effectively.

CHAT ROOM & SUPPORT FORUM – watch what top professional traders do and get live trading guidance from mentors.

FREE TRADING WORKSHOPS – annual workshops and other social events bring our football trading community together as one.

DAILY TRADE SELECTIONS – from 80 leagues across the world.

PREMIUM CUSTOMER SUPPORT – unparalleled (yes… really!) level of customer service by live chat and email.

Overview – My Opinion On Goal Profits

If you want to learn how to trade football on Betfair and other betting exchanges the £1 trial is a perfect choice, there are some very useful data sets on offer as well as strategies that you can learn from.

Use the information on strategies Wiseley and you can go from beginner to a seasoned pro in time but again don’t expect it to happen overnight.

Trading can be high risk, so make sure that you learn everything you need to know first before jumping in all guns blazing with your deposits and trades.

Thanks for reading my Goal Profits review, Have you used the Goal Profits service before? If you have please take the time to add your own review of their betting strategies below for other readers.

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