French vs European Roulette: what’s the difference?

Get to know the different parts of the roulette wheel

The roulette wheel is one of the oldest and most fascinating pieces of equipment you’ll find in any casino. Whilst many gamblers enjoy the thrill of playing roulette though, few know much about the wheel itself. But trust us when we say getting to know the roulette wheel better – and learning the different parts that go into making a roulette wheel – makes this casino game even more exciting.

Itmay surprise you to learn that the roulette wheel was actually invented by mistake. Blaise Pascal, a famous 17thcentury mathematician and physicist, had been trying to build a perpetual motion machine. For those of you who aren’t big on science, this is basically a machine that can keep on moving withoutneeding another source of energy.

Experts now know that creating a perpetual motion machine is impossible, so it’ll come as no shock to hear that Pascal’s invention didn’t work. Nevertheless, his failed attempts did lead to the invention of the iconic wheels you can spin today in casinos across the globe.

The roulette wheel has now been entertaining gamblers for centuries. You can find two main types (European wheels and American wheels), but all are made of the same major components. There’s a main bowl and wheel head, along with pockets and deflectors. You can find out more about these different parts of the roulette wheel – as well as all their functions – by checking out our simple guide below.

What’s more, during the past few decades, roulette wheels having been moving from real casino floors into the online world. Online roulette is now more popular than ever, with the latest 3D graphics allowing gamblers to enjoy spinning highly-detailed roulette wheels from the comfort of home.

So if all this talk of roulette has got you excited to play for yourself, why not play online today? We wish you the best of luck and have fun.

Get to know the different parts of the roulette wheel