Four Factors To Look for in an Online Tipping Service

Four Factors To Look for in an Online Tipping Service

Finding suitable Online Tipping Services is not easy.

There are a wealth of online tipping services available these days with many of them churning out selections daily.

It can be a minefield for anyone who is considering signing up for one of these services and it is imperative to read all of the reviews on this site and weigh up all of the possibilities before committing.

We take a look at four of the key aspects which MUST be considered before signing up.

Results and Previous Records

Any tipster who is worth their salt will post their full results on their site. The majority of services are transparent and will update their statistics on a daily basis and this is an absolute necessity.

Customers sign up to tipping services in order to make some money and anyone who is considering joining will want to see evidence of success. Ideally, between three and six months of consistent profit should be clearly displayed however if you are unable to access these results, simply contact them directly and make an enquiry.

It may also be worth following these tipsters for a couple of weeks prior to signing up in order to ensure that all results are recorded correctly and that losses aren’t being overlooked.

Accurate Prices

Some tipsters will send out their selections via email whilst others will simply post them on their site. Each tip will be accompanied by a price and a suggested bookmaker and it is absolutely imperative to ensure that these are accurate and up-to-date.

There will always be market movers when it comes to horse racing, however, it occurs more infrequently when it comes to other sports.

Football prices will fluctuate occasionally but the Premier League match previews and odds generally remain consistent throughout the week.

Betting sites such as Betfair have a team of expert analysts whose weekly previews can often cause movement in the market, whilst injury news may also have an effect. Always check that the tipster is being transparent with their pricing and that their selection genuinely is available at the suggested odds.

You can’t do anything about the price changing but it is vital to ensure that these odds were at least available when the tip was published. Some tipsters have been known to exaggerate prices to improve their overall profit.


There are a number of different approaches when it comes to tipping and there are many services which opt to simply publish their selections in a list format.

There is nothing wrong with this particular system, however, the majority of followers prefer to see a brief write-up for each bet.

Sport can be hugely unpredictable and shocks do occur but if a tipster displays their working out, this can often soften the blow of a loser.

They don’t need to be publishing pages upon pages of analysis but a short paragraph which explains the thinking behind each tip is ideal and allows punters to make up their own mind and use some initiative before placing these bets.

Easy to Contact

Finally, tipsters need to be available to answer any queries that their customers may have.

Many followers are often fairly new to betting and are likely to encounter problems with placing bets or finding the suggested markets. Every service should be able to lend a helping hand when called upon.

It may be worth contacting them directly before signing up to ensure that they are responsive and helpful. Some tipsters wish to remain anonymous, however, the best services offer 24/7 assistance to their followers and this helps put the customers at ease.

Signing up for a tipping service isn’t without risks and that’s why it is advised to take your time and assess your options before confirming your details. Follow each of the tipsters and consider their style, accessibility, and most importantly, their success rate.

If you do your research and ensure that you’ve read plenty of our reviews before committing, it should help make your decision a much easier and hopefully more profitable process.