Footy Tipster 442 Review

Footy Tipster 442 Review

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Welcome to our Footy Tipster 442 Review

Footy Tipster 442 is a professional football tips service that offers users a 10-day trial before they pay for the service monthly. The sales page for this service however does not really tell you a lot so read more below.

Visit the Footy Tipster 442 website here for more info (CLOSED)

Service Name: Footy Tipster 442

Sport: Football

Platform: Clickbank

Created By: Unknown

Headline: “We believe in keeping it simple. Well, for you at least. We send you the tips, you place the bets, then you collect your profit. That’s it”

Service Cost: 10-Day Trial for £1 then £29.50 per month on a subscription basis

Where To Join: Website

Money-Back Guarantee: Yes 60 Day (Clickbank)

Footy Tipster 442 Review

Well, there is not a lot to say about this service as the website does not really tell you a lot about what’s on offer. It does however state you will receive daily selections to your email address and that they believe in quality over quantity.

You can expect up to 10 tips per week and the selections will be emailed to you the day before the match in question.

The 10-day trial will cost you just £1 and is the ideal way to see if this service will be any good to you or not, what’s more, you can get that £1 refunded via the Clickbank 60-day guarantee if you’re not happy.

The fact that they offer this trial bodes well for this tipster and it will be interesting to hear others’ opinions on it as and when they have used it.

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Join Footy Tipster 442 on a trial here (CLOSED)

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