Football Betting Advice

Football Betting Advice From The Pros

Football Betting Advice from the pros is useful as we enter the new decade, the UK betting market has remained buoyant and on an upwards trajectory. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this has given birth to a significant number of new corporations and UK companies entering the betting market.

Whilst some of these hold gambling licenses and offer direct access to betting markets for punters; the niche has also grown and added many sub-niches.

Perhaps one of the largest of these (also showing the fastest growth) is football betting tips websites & so-called professional tipsters offering your recreational gamblers and sports bettors a chance to peak behind the curtain and receive assistance from so-called professionals when making their weekend betting picks across hundreds of pre and in-play markets across all the professional English leagues; in addition to European and Worldwide markets regularly being offered & commented on.

One such company which has entered this market and received warm backing from its customer base; is

Unlike many of its competitors, FBT offers free weekly tips & advice on UK betting. This has made it not only popular but also a British mainstay in the betting tipster market. Members & guests alike can visit the website to get betting tips and stake advice from industry-leading experts.

Most commonly, covers the English and European leagues with a strong focus on the English Premier League – in addition to the UEFA Champions League and & Europa League respectively.

Football Betting Advice from the pros Conclusion

The above approach is both novel & a big attraction for sports bettors both regular and occasional; as many competitors (whilst sometimes offering a short “free membership” to test their services); charge high monthly or annual fees for customers to gain access to their hot tips.

By instead generating revenue through affiliate programs linking out to both leading bookies & new players in the market; FBT does not charge have to charge their customers fees & as such offers a refreshingly transparent window into their failures and indeed their successes.