Elite Betting Syndicate Review

Elite Betting Syndicate Review
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Elite Betting Syndicate has been around for a long time and for good reason, You can try the service for as little as £1!


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  • Consistency at times

Welcome to my Elite Betting Syndicate Review this is a horse racing tipster service that has been around for 3 years plus now and is very popular with horse racing punters.

Based on legitimate stable information and contacts within the industry Elite Betting mixes this with its high-class advice and delivers a worthwhile horse tipping service.

The service was established back in 2009 and the fact it is still going strong speaks for itself.

This used to be one of the best horse racing tipsters but has since been taken over by one or two others these days, a solid tipster nonetheless.

Update 2023 – service closed and seems to have gone missing

Service Name: Elite Betting Syndicate

Headline: “Want To Earn A Second Income From Betting?”

Service Cost: £1 trial (10 days), £39/month +vat thereafter

Where To Join: elitebettingsyndicate.com

What You Get: Tips sent via email

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Elite Betting Syndicate – Full Final Review

The service focuses on horse racing and so-called “insider information” from certain stable connections that the tipsters have and upon the first read, this may have you a bit skeptical as we have all heard this before.

The results really do speak for themselves though (you can see the full results for the last 3 years here) With an ROI of over 20% at the time of writing this review and a strike rate of just over 21%.

Elite betting syndicate has made a profit nearly every month in 2017 and already in profit for 2018, 2019 should prove no different.

When the results keep coming in month after month and your bank keeps growing you start to believe there is actually something to the claims made on the website.

I cannot recommend you to try this enough whilst it’s just a pound to try for 10 days.

You don’t have to look far to find many good user-based reviews for this one from July 2018 onwards and this looks like one of those tipsters for Horse Racing you can rely on for the long term.

Claim your £1 trial of Elite Betting Syndicate here (closed)

Before you join though, how about a bit more information on their service and how it works.

Elite Betting Syndicate Review – What Do You Get When You Join?

Expect between 50-120 bets per month so you will need a betting bank that can cope with these kinds of numbers If you intend to do £10 per point you will need a bank in excess of £1000.

I found you usually received two to three selections per day so it was very easy to follow. Prices advised did move about quite a lot but this is common with Horse Racing and it’s always best to take the early morning odds if available with the best odds guaranteed.

The service does come with a recommended staking plan for you to follow which will help with maximising your chance of profit long term.

Tips are delivered to your email inbox and come with a detailed write-up on what information they have received and or why they think the selection will deliver.

There are no extras that come with the service but do you really need any gimmicks? We want results and long-term profit from horse racing tipsters, don’t we?

The fact they do offer a £1 trial says a lot about the service, it shows that they are willing to let you in to show you that it’s worth the money you will be paying.

There is no obligation to stay on after the trial has ended and the service is cheap to follow with good results.

I have checked and it’s easy to cancel via Clickbank should you so wish before the trial ends. Clickbank also guarantees any product on their platform for 60 days (60 days money-back guarantee).

Claim your £1 trial of Elite Betting Syndicate here (closed)

Elite has passed on many other websites too and now I can see why and I will be following him for the next few years too.

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