Easy Golf Betting For Beginners

Easy Golf Betting For Beginners

Easy Golf Betting for beginners is not straightforward and if you are Looking for value bets, following a strict staking plan, and other smart strategies can mean the difference between making it big as a professional golf bettor and blowing your bankroll. These fundamentals are the bedrock of betting on all sports. However, not having a clue about the nuances of golf betting can significantly impede your chances of winning. Most golf betting tips online cater to and are full of insider language that only betting pros would understand. So to get you on to an excellent start, we’ve put together a simple golf betting guide. 

Know Your Betting Markets

Golf betting is riddled with more ways to lose money than you might imagine. As a beginner, the best way to start is to research a few simple markets and bet on them until you’re confident enough to check some more advanced options. Some of the more straightforward markets include picking the Outright Winner. If your chosen player ends up coming second or third, then you won’t be getting anything. Each Way bets allow you to place a double bet—one for a win, and another for a top 5 finish. 

Some bookies rarely allow you to bet for up to a top 7 finish. A First Round Winner bet is a less risky option if you’re sure your man might start strong, but might not last the whole nine yards. Okay, so you might not know where each player will rank when the tournament is over. But you may know that your man will trounce that other guy, right? If so, then you might want to consider Match Betting. There’s a whole lot of markets, but these will get you going. 

Play your Odds Well

We can’t overlook the importance of understanding the odds because for every 10/1 from players like Adam Scott, there are as many 30/1 and 50/1 shots that players like Zach Johnson and Branden Grace and landing. You can find better returns from these decent golfers with higher odds than with sure-fire bets on experts. The best golfers in the world always have unfavourable odds swayed towards them. Even if a ranked golfer has been on a bad break, you’ll usually find odds shifted in their favour. It’s, therefore, good form to research up and coming golfers that bookies still offer higher odds for and place smarter bets on them. 

Use a Staking Plan

Most golf betting newbies tend to overestimate their newfound abilities and try to bet on every moving player on the pitch. Before you set your budget, picture how much you’re willing to lose per week. If you can’t stomach losing £100 in a week, then bet a lower amount. Once you set your starting budget, split it into the number of bets you’re looking to place per week. 

Usually, 10% of your total bankroll per bet is an excellent place to start. The best way to start without investing too much money is to take advantage of the promotions that some bookmakers offer. There are many bonuses to meet the needs of most punters. If you use a consistent staking plan, you also won’t be tempted to chase losses if a few bets don’t go as you planned. 

Never Bet With Your heart

If you’re looking to support Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, or whoever your favourite golfer is, then don’t do it by betting on them every week. If you do bet on them, then you won’t win often, and won’t win a lot of money when you do. You’ll also miss out on all the best parts of golf as a sport. Top players usually have odds hovering around 8/1 or lower. Very few punters made a lot of money betting on Tiger Woods when he was on his peak. Also, the double blow of watching your favourite player fall behind while you’re losing money can be quite frustrating. If you can’t trust yourself to make impartial bets, then bet against your favourite golfer. If they win, you’ll find comfort in the thought that maybe you spurred them forwards. If they lose, then you’ll be smiling your way to the bank. 

There aren’t any hard and fast rules for golf betting. If you’re making money, then stick to your plan. Just make sure that your bankroll can cope with a sudden string of losses when your luck suddenly changes. If you follow these tips, do further in-depth research, and maintain strict discipline, then you’ll keep your losses at a minimum and see the benefits of golf knowledge on your bank balance.