Don’s Daily Tips Review

Don's Daily Tips Review
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    Welcome to our Don’s Daily Tips Review

    Don's Daily Tips Review



    Service Name : Don’s Daily Tips

    Sport : Horse Racing

    Platform : Clickbank

    Created By : Don Johnson “The Don”

    Headline : “Winning Horse Racing Tips From The Don Himself!”

    Service Cost : £12 for one month and £67 a year

    Money Back : Yes 60 day guarantee

    Where To Join : Click Here


    Don’s Daily Tips Review

    Created by Don Johnson (pictured) this horse racing tips service is apparently from a professional horse racing gambler who has been following Don Johnsonhorses for years.

    He states that he aims to get two or three winners per day and that he is up at the crack of dawn studying the form and Trainer Jockey combinations. The old chestnut that there is 500 spaces available is also quoted on the website and that the service will only be open for about 8 days. this always rings alarm bells for me.

    His cheeky little face could be trustworthy however there is a lot of the usual caution elements in the sales page especially this part

    It does state at the bottom of the website that this is a made up persona (as the name and picture make out I guess).

    “Now i am not saying I am the best – far from it. There are plenty of good tipsters out there, many i personally follow myself, and they are partly responsible for a large increase in my betting bank each month.

    But follow me and your strike rate and number of winners will increase, I promise you. If you are not happy with the tips I provide I offer a full money back refund with no questions asked. “

    I will be very interested to try and get a peek at this service and hopefully get some feedback from you guys on this tipster below. There is also very little of results and proof offered on his claims again which makes me want to warn you all on this one proceed with caution guys.

    Take some caution when joining this now closed apparently tipster service.

    Don's Daily Tips Review



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